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  1. FLOSS Weekly 193 - Pinax

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb

    We talk about Pinax, a web framework that gives you building blocks for your websites.

    Guest: James Tauber

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  2. FLOSS Weekly 191 - Salt

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps

    We talk about Salt, the remote execution engine that allows you to run the same command on multiple machines.

    Guest: Thomas S. Hatch

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  3. Radio Free Python Episode 3 - Named Tuples

    Includes an interview with Raymond Hettinger!

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  4. Radio Free Python Episode 2 - The GIL

    Includes an interview with Alex Martelli!

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  5. BBC - Podcasts - Excess Baggage

    Sandi Toksvig takes a bus trip along the south coast of England from Brighton to Eastbourne in the company of the listener who suggested it, Veronica Groocock. Together they discover the delights to be had on an ordinary scheduled bus route. These include Kipling’s garden, a 1930s lido, the Greenwich meridian, a lamb called Hardy and the lighthouse at Beachy Head.

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  6. Radio Free Python - Episode 1


    Includes a panel discussion with the PythonLabs team: Barry Warsaw Fred Drake Guido van Rossum Roger Masse and Tim Peters as the "Timbot"

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  7. FLOSS Weekly 169: Jenkins

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps

    Jenkins, the continuous integration server that tests your software, builds it and packages it up.

    Guest: Kohsuke Kawaguchi .

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  8. FLOSS Weekly 118: Gerrit

    Host: Randal Schwartz and Randi Harper.

    Shawn Pearce joins FLOSS Weekly to talk about Git, Gerrit, code review tools, and more.

    Guest: Shawn Pearce.

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  9. The Talk Show #46: I Float Above It - 5by5

    The Talk Show #46: I Float Above It - 5by5


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  10. The Talk Show #35: I Wear My Jeans Real Tight - 5by5

    The Talk Show #35: I Wear My Jeans Real Tight - 5by5


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