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  1. AJAX Accessibility: An ARIA Duet

    Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIAs) are not just possible but freely obtained through open source techniques. ARIA developer Becky Gibson will demonstrate ARIA coding techniques and existing toolkits to solve real world challenges posed by accessible technology advocate Sharron Rush.

    Sharron Rush Exec Dir,

    Becky Gibson Web Accessibility Architect, IBM

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  2. FSCast Episode 26, January 2009

    Freedom Scientific’s Chief Technical Officer Glen Gordon explains ARIA and its benefits. Jonathan Mosen then demonstrates some applications with ARIA enabled for improved accessibility.


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  3. Accessibility with HTML 5 and WAI ARIA

    By Steve Faulkner at the Accessibility 2.0 conference in London, 2009.


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  4. Web Axe Episode 75: Jeremy Keith interview, Google Wave

    Web Axe is a podcast and blog on practical web design accessibility tips.

    This week, Ross interviews Jeremy Keith; Dennis and Ross discuss news, articles, and Google Wave.

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