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  1. WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy interviews Gina Trapani

    WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy interviews Gina Trapani, the founding editor of Lifehacker and leads development at ThinkUp…among a ton of other projects.

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  2. WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 15 – Adam Lisagor

    This week’s episode of the podcast features a discussion with video creator, app developer, podcast host and reluctant pitchman Adam Lisagor.

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  3. Where Good Ideas Come From: Steven Johnson at the LSE

    Steven Johnson has spent twenty years immersed in creative industries, was active at the dawn of the internet and has a unique perspective that draws on his fluency in fields ranging from neurobiology to new media. In his new book, he identifies the key principles to the genesis of great ideas, from the cultivation of hunches to the importance of connectivity and how best to make use of new technologies. By recognising where and how patterns of creativity occur – whether within a school, a software platform or a social movement – he shows how we can make more of our ideas good ones. This event celebrates the publication of his latest book Where Good Ideas Come From: A Natural History of Innovation.


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