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  1. TPP #50: Get more done on the Mac with David Sparks

    In this episode of the Productivity Podcast, I talk to David Sparks from MacSparky.com and co-host of the Mac Power Users Podcast. Being a fan of the Mac Power Users, I’ve learned a lot from David and his co-host Katie Floyd all about how to be more productive and efficient on the Mac. He’s introduced me to some great new tools and changed the way I use my Mac (for the better).

    When he’s not talking about Mac’s or writing about technology, David is a self-employed Business Attorney and needless to say, he’s a very productive guy.

    1. For those who don’t know, who is David Sparks and what do you do? (4.00)

    2. How do you balance all the different projects in your life? You’re an Attorney, blogger, podcaster and father. How do you fit it all in? (4.43)

    3. For people getting started with the Mac, what are the first few things you would have people do to use their Mac more effectively? (6.40)

    4. And what about more advanced users? What advice would you give to someone who’s already fairly competent and looking to get more out of their Mac? (16.40)

    5. If you had to delete all third-party apps but one (so you just get the default suite from Apple), which one app would you choose to keep? (28.00)

    6. What are you most excited about the latest updates from Apple? (28.43)

    Show notes: PaulMinors.com/50

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    Intro/Outro Music: "Synthia" by Scott & Brendo


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  2. #184: Using Behavioral Psychology for a Rich Life With Ramit Sethi

    You know the old song and dance.

    You set a goal for yourself- lose weight, pay off your debt, ask that woman out— but something holds you back from taking action. Or if you do take action, you flame out in a week. So you do more research on your goal, hoping that you’ll find the one piece of information that will guarantee success. But you fail again.

    What if instead of more thinking, achieving your goal requires more feeling?

    That’s what my guest today on the podcast argues. His name is Ramit Sethi and he’s the owner of the website I Will Teach You to Be Rich. Today on the show, Ramit and I discuss what we can learn from behavioral psychology to help us achieve our goals, whether it’s losing weight or asking for a raise.We talk about why you should focus on big wins in life and Ramit gives us an exact script to follow when asking for a raise. Lots of actionable steps in this podcast. You’ll want to take notes.


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  3. 68: Campuses | Topical

    Having just visited the—strikingly different—campuses of Facebook and Apple during their recent visit to San Francisco, Russell and Jelly think back to the various campuses they’ve worked and studied in. Together they compare their experiences and mostly just try to make sense of things.


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