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In the Cold War, David Butler was one of a few people allowed to freely roam between East and West Germany. On paper, his role was to facilitate messages between the two. In reality, David was a spy. He tells us about years of missions, gathering intelligence on the Soviets for the British security services, whilst avoiding being caught by the Stasi.

Extraordinary Lives is a podcast from the team behind LADbible’s Minutes With. You can watch all of our videos here -

We speak to remarkable people who each have a unique story to tell - spies, terrorists, hackers, gangsters, killers, people with particular conditions, and those who’ve lived unreal experiences. These are the stories that resonated the most with LADbible’s audience when they were originally told on Minutes With.

In this podcast, LADbible’s Ben Powell-Jones sits down with those individuals for a more in-depth conversation, revealing untold tales for the first time.

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