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  1. When Scotland Rises | The David McWilliams Podcast on Acast

    The first casualty of Brexit will be Britain. Scotland is on its own path for the first time since 1707. When Scotland becomes independent, it will trigger enormous economic and political changes up here in the North West Atlantic. Mark Blyth, Professor at Brown University helps us to tease out the economics of Scottish Independence and what’s ahead for Scotland, Ireland and England. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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  2. Email Is Making Us Miserable — Here’s What to Do | Art of Manliness

    Each day you begin work with high hopes for productivity and creativity. But each day you instead find yourself bogged down in checking and answering emails and responding to messages on Slack. As frustrating as this is, it just seems like the inevitable, unalterable dynamic of modern jobs. But my guest today says that another way of […]

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  3. Teddy Doffing | The Frank Skinner Show on Acast

    Frank Skinner’s on Absolute Radio every Saturday morning and you can enjoy the show’s podcast right here. Radio Academy Award winning Frank, Emily and Alun bring you a show which is like joining your mates for a coffee… So, put the kettle on, sit down and enjoy UK commercial radio’s most popular podcast. This week Frank has a question about the etiquette of greeting runners and had the gas man round. The team also speak to Stewart Lee about his film, King Rocker.

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  4. The Incomparable | Cracks In His Armor (Episode 546)

    Is this the way? We break down the second season of “The Mandalorian,” which sees our title character struggle with his own identity as a Mandalorian as well as coming to grips with the important task of protecting the child that he’s been caring for. What’s the difference between good and bad fan service? How many different spin-off shows were being set up this season? And we workshop a Baby Yoda sitcom.

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  5. Podcast #647: What Happened When Two Friends Left Their Jobs to Build a Cabin Together | The Art of Manliness

    It’s a thought that’s crossed many a desk jockey’s mind: “Man, I’d love to flee this office, get out from under this fluorescent-lighting, and do something more concrete with my hands. Like, maybe, build a cabin in the woods.” My guests had these thoughts, and unlike most, actually pulled the trigger on their long-standing daydream. Their …

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