This is why you’re not Happy | Alan Watts

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In this video Alan Watts asks us what we really desire - and how conforming to the machine we call society is inevitably passed on from generation to generation, he makes us truly see how we are brain washed into societal enslavement without even realizing it, he makes us see why conforming to a job you don’t even like is idiotic and non-sensical, he makes us see how not following your true desires can lead to a miserable life.

We have 28,000 days that make up our entire lives and spending even an ounce of that doing things we hate in order to try to live a lifestyle that was taught to us by either our parents, teachers or/and society is a form of internal suicide.

I’m going to leave you with this quote.

"We all run on two clocks. One is the outside clock, which ticks away our decades and brings us ceaselessly to the dry season. The other is the inside clock, where you are your own timekeeper and determine your own chronology, your own internal weather and your own rate of living. Sometimes the inner clock runs itself out long before the outer one, and you see a dead man going through the motions of living.”

Max Lerner"

Alan Watts Says: What do you desire? What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like?

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