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  1. The Real Problem was Nominal: NGDP targeting and the Great Recession | Scott Sumner

    Professor Scott Sumner of Bentley University delivered the Adam Smith Institute’s annual Adam Smith Lecture on Tuesday, June 17th 2014. He called for inflation targeting to be scrapped and replaced with a mandate for the Bank of England to target total spending instead.

    Scott B. Sumner is an economist who teaches at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. His economics blog, The Money Illusion, popularized the idea of nominal GDP targeting, which says that the Fed should target nominal GDP—i.e., real GDP growth plus the rate of inflation. He has been hailed as the "blogger who saved the economy".

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  2. User experience and design

    When designing a website or product for the web, a game or interactive application it’s very easy to think about your needs and not those of your users. In this episode we look at user focused design or how to make sure that what you build really works for the people you are making it for. Simon Smith and guests offer some practical advice on using user centred design techiques.

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  3. Random Trek | “The Forsaken” (DS9) with Eric Smith (Episode 75)

    Eric Smith, novelist, blogger, and all around geek, joins Scott to talk about “The Forsaken” (DS9 S1E17). Topics include what exactly was forsaken in this episode, Lwaxana Troi, the writers’ questionable grasp on how computers actually work, and pup.

    Don’t forget to buy Eric’s book “Inked.”

    Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Muse” (S6E22).

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