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  1. KENRIC McDOWELL on Designing with Cosmo-Ecological Intelligence /164 — FOR THE WILD

    Our conversation with Kenric covers topics like relationality,

    more-than-human intelligence, the trappings of consumerism and personal

    agency, while also being pushed to delve into realms of discussion we visit

    less often, like artificial intelligence, technology, design and

    interspecies connection.

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  2. Ada Palmer on Pandemics, Progress, History, Teleology and the Singularity

    The problem with teleological narratives is that they make us ignore the fact that change is often made by people who didn’t intend that change to happen…

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  3. The Portal-31: Ryan Holiday - Conspiracy, Manipulation & other Pastimes

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  4. A Conversation with Matt Mullenweg | Sam Harris

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  5. Curation | Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin on acast

    Don’t get fooled For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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  6. ‎The Daily Stoic: Ask Daily Stoic: Austin Kleon on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Ryan chats with Austin Kleon, author of great books like Steal Like An Artist.

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  7. 225 | Superforecasting — Talking Politics

    We talk to David Spiegelhalter, Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk, about the science of forecasting.  Who or what are the superforecasters?  How can they help governments make better decisions?  And will intelligent machines ever be able to outdo the humans at

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  8. ‎Eat Sleep Work Repeat: [FIX YOUR WORK] Inside Microsoft’s cultural reinvention on Apple Podcasts

    ‎When the biggest company in the world slipped from its throne how did a new CEO try to rescue it using culture. What did Satya Nadella do? How did it succeed, how did it fail? What can any of us do to change our company culture?

    Download the PDF of the episode’s lessons.

    This episode draws on th…

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  9. 4 No-BS Steps to Launch A Successful Newsletter | EHM

    Expert marketing consultant Philip Morgan shares his insights on how to build your consulting brand.

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  10. “Eugénie grandit” de Ketty Steward - Ép. 3/3 - Science-fiction : mythes d’un futur proche

    2043, en France. Eugénie, 15 ans et demi se sent de plus en plus étrangère à son univers. Sa découverte de capacités surhumaines exacerbe ses questionnements sur les circonstances de sa naissance…

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