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  1. KCRW Bookworm interview of Charles Yu on How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

    Charles Yu’s sweeter-spirited vision of how vintage science fiction can be used to imagine our world. Caught in a computer game, the hero seeks to escape his chronic melancholy. It just so happens that our hero’s name is the same as the author’s. In our conversation, the writing Yu works his creativity to a frenzy, bringing fiction, physics, math and philosophy to a happy meeting point: safe life in a universe controlled by the imagination.

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  2. The Guardian books podcast: Science fiction now and tomorrow | Books |

    Novelists Alastair Reynolds, Lauren Beukes, Michael Moorcock and Jeff Noon talk about the state of SF

    In this week’s new year books podcast, we look to the future. Science fiction has never been bigger, and publishers are falling over themselves to sign the next Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman. We talk to some of the genre’s biggest names about the state of SF in 2012, and where they think the genre is heading.

    Lauren Beukes, author of hard-boiled SF thriller Zoo City, tells us about winning the 2011 Arthur C Clarke award and about South African science fiction. We talk to Michael Moorcock, who helped define science fiction back in the 1960s with his ground-breaking literary magazine New Worlds. And we also hear from hard SF author Alastair Reynolds and speculative fiction author Jeff Noon about their new projects, how they feel about being classed within the same genre, and writing on Twitter.

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  3. Charlie Stross on Singularity 1 on 1: The World is Complicated. Elegant Narratives Explaining Everything Are Wrong!

    Want to find out why Charlie Stross thinks that the singularity, if it happens at all, may not leave any room for humans? Check out his interview for

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