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  1. Episode 108: Simon Peyton Jones on Functional Programming and Haskell | Software Engineering Radio

    We start our discussion with a brief look at what Haskell is and how a pure functional language is different from non-pure languages. We then look at the basic building blocks and the philosophy of the language, discussing concepts such as the lambda calculus, closures, currying, immutability, lazy evaluation, memoization, and the role of data types in functional languages. A significant part of the discussion is then spent on the management of side effects in a pure language - in other words, the importance of monads. We conclude the episode with a look at Haskell’s importance and community today.

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  2. Episode 127: Usability with Joachim Machate | Software Engineering Radio

    This episode is an introduction to user interface design with Joachim Machate of UID. We talk about the importance of user interface design, about its relationship to the overall software engineering process, as well as about UID’s process for systematic user interface design.

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  3. Episode 149: Difference between Software Engineering and Computer Science with Chuck Connell | Software Engineering Radio

    Michael discusses with his guest Chuck Connell the differences between software engineering and computer science. What makes software engineering so unpredictable, with so few formal results? And how can we advance the field of software engineering without these results?

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  4. Episode 157: Hadoop with Philip Zeyliger | Software Engineering Radio

    Philip Zeyliger of Cloudera discusses the Hadoop project with Robert Blumen. The conversation covers the emergence of large data problems, the Hadoop file system, map-reduce, and a look under the hood at how it all works. The listener will also learn where and how Hadoop is being used to process large data sets.

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  5. thoughtbot #2: Design with a sip of Bourbon

    Ben Orenstein is joined this week by Phil LaPier, the creator of Bourbon and a designer at thoughtbot. Ben and Phil discuss the design process, fundamentals of visual design, common design errors, and how to be a better designer (even if you’re a developer), and how to work with designers as a developer. They also answer some audience questions about design: How to handle feedback from clients, and HAML vs. HTML.

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  6. thoughtbot #28: Farther, further, faster (David Hansson)

    Ben Orenstein is joined by David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails and a partner at 37signals. David and Ben discuss David’s normal day, his working relationship with Jason Fried, how their blog, Signal vs. Noise, is important to the company, how he got into programming, where he draws his inspiration from, some good books he’s read and how he learns today, how he overcomes fear and why he takes risks, how he got into racing, why he enjoys it, what he learns from it, and how feedback loops and goal posts help you learn, inspire you, and help you know how good you are. They then go on to explore what David would, or wouldn’t, change about Rails, and how he sees Rails evolving into the future. David also talks a little bit about the new product 37signals has in development, and 37signals’ overall product strategy, coding at 37signals and his approach to providing guidance to the team, what role he plays on Rails core, what he cares about, and what he pays attention to, and much, much more.

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  7. 5by5 | The Pipeline #6: Matt Haughey

    5by5 - The Pipeline #6: Matt Haughey Matt Haughey March 9, 2010 at 4:00am • 36 minutes • Wiki Entry

    Matthew Haughey is a programmer, web designer, and blogger. He is the founder of "MetaFilter":, the "PVRblog":, and "Fuelly":, and is the publisher of the long-running weblog "A Whole Lotta Nothing":

    Dan and Matt discuss the MetaFilter community, controlling a website’s growth, starting up a business without taking investment, the recent PVRblog sale, the personal life (or lack thereof) of a developer and community builder, blogging about your personal life, and more.

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  8. 5by5 | The Pipeline #8: Jason Kottke

    5by5 - The Pipeline #8: Jason Kottke 31 minutes • Wiki Entry

    Dan Benjamin interviews Jason Kottke, the independent publisher of "": since 1998. They discuss blogging for a living, general vs. niche blogs, content longevity, making the transition to full-time blogging, how taking a break (even for a week) can affect traffic, finding links, guest bloggers, the good and bad of comments, and more.

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  9. 5by5 | The Pipeline #10: Gina Trapani

    5by5 - The Pipeline #10: Gina Trapani 34 minutes Dan Benjamin interviews Gina Trapani. Gina is an "author":, "blogger":, programmer. We discuss the story and inspiration that lead to the creation "Lifehacker": (and the "persona" behind it), making the transition from code to writing, the daily grind, deadlines, and posting quotas, Smarterware, Think Tank, her self-publishing experiment, consistency and building traffic, and the importance of having a launchpad.

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