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  1. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #186: Tantek Çelik—web standards, toolchains, and the decentralized web

    Legendary computer scientist, web standards pioneer, and indie-web proponent Tantek Çelik is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest.

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  2. XR Podcast | Free Podcasts | Podomatic

    Welcome to the podcast for Extinction Rebellion.

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  3. S2 04 | Uh oh – it’s impostor syndrome - The Pineapple Project - ABC Radio

    Tina Fey has it. TV journalist Leigh Sales too. That creeping feeling you’re not quite good enough at your job, and that EVERYONE is about to find out. Impostor syndrome. What a prick(ly situation). It doesn’t matter how competent or how experienced you are, that nasty little voice can strike at any time. Claire Hooper’s determined to find out how to deal with it.

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  4. DPM Podcast: How To Get Into Project Management (With Suze Haworth) - The Digital Project Manager

    “How do I become a project manager?” Start here with expert insight from PM Suze Haworth on project manager roles, levels, skills, job interviews, and tips to help you land your first role.

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  5. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #184: Accessibility is not a “nice to have” – with Derek Featherstone

    Why do companies de-prioritize accessibility? Making a digital map accessible to the blind.

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  6. Tobi Lütke — The Oracle of Ottawa

    Shopify founder

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  7. 147. “Du kan inte prata med en arg människa” REPRIS

    Hur mycket leksaker ska barn mellan 5 och 7 ha? Är det mobbning att säga "gnällspik" till ett barn? Och hur bemöta kommentarer från barn och vuxna om 4-åringens nya glasögon? Svaren på dessa frågor och många fler kommer i dagens avsnitt av "Kära barn".

    Louise Hallin, legitimerad barnmorska och psykoterapeut, svarar på lyssnarnas frågor om barn i åldrarna 4 till 18 år. Programledare är Lina von Heidenstam.



    Tagged with parenting

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  8. Adam Scott on ethical web development - O’Reilly Programming Podcast - O’Reilly Media Podcast

    In this episode of the O’Reilly Programming Podcast, I talk with Adam Scott, who has authored a series of ebooks on the topic of ethical web development, the most recent of which is Collaborative Web Development. He is also the presenter of the video Introduction to Modern Front-End Development. Scott is the web development lead at the

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  9. 52: Going Offline | with Jeremy Keith

    Coming into this episode I didn’t really know much about service workers. I assumed there were very specific use cases for them, but Jeremy opened our eyes to the fact that they allow access to some very powerful browser features and are useful across the board.

    We also spoke about Jeremy’s recently released A Book Apart Book ‘Going Offline’, I’m really enjoying it. I can’t put it any better than Sarah Drasner (, who said:

    "Jeremy Keith explains service workers with kindness, clarity, and humour in his new book, a must-read for any web developer who wants to learn this exciting new API and enable offline experiences for their applications."

    The first chapter is available as an A List Apart article, link below.

    There were some strong Jukebox Entries this time. Jeremy Chose Catastrophe And The Cure by Explosions In The Sky, from one of my very favourite albums. Ben chose The Celestial Garden by DrumTalk but apparently described a different track in the episode, he’s a sleep deprived new dad so we’ll have mercy on him for that. My pick was Bashed Out by This Is The Kit, a lovely bitter sweet track.

    Jeremy’s and Ben’s tracks are added to the Relative Paths Playlist (, mine goes on the Relative Paths Alt Pla…

    Original video:
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  10. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #176: Intrinsic Web Design with Jen Simmons

    Jen Simmons—Designer Advocate at Mozilla, creator of Firefox Grid Inspector, host of Layout Land and The Web Ahead, member of the CSS Working Group, coiner of Intrinsic Web Design, and general force of nature—is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest.

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