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  1. How to turn your art into an NFT – Step by Step Tutorial

    Looking for ways to turn your art into a NFT? In this short step-by-step tutorial I show you how to create and list a non-fungible token on Rarible and Opensea. Listing is free on both marketplaces, except gas fees that occur on every interaction with the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, you learn how to store a unique and immutable highres version of your work in the IPFS network and how to include the unique link as unlockable content in the smart contract.

    If you don’t know what NFTs are, watch the videos listed below!

    My NFTs on Rarible and Opensea:

    NFTs explained:

    NFTs Q&A Session:

    MY WORKSTATION EQUIPMENT ○ Wacom Intuos Pro - ○ Wacom Cintiq 16 - ○ 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Pro - ○ EIZO FlexScan - ○ Headset -

    MY CAMERA GEAR ○ Canon EOS-200D - ○ Studio Mic - ○ Tripod -

    DISCLAIMER 1: I’m not a financial advisor and I don’t give any financial or any investment advice in this or any future videos, this one is for educational purpose only! Research before you throw money at something!!!

    DISCLAIMER 2: Link…

    Original video:
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  2. WTF is an NFT?

    Confused by NFTs? Of course you are! Because they sound really freaking complicated. Let me explain them in super simple language that everybody can get. No confusion here.

    00:34 WTF is an NFT? 02:48 Are NFTs a bubble? 04:06 Are NFTs destroying the planet? 05:53 What do NFTs mean for collectors & fans? 07:23 What do NFTs mean for artists & creators? 10:34 Are NFTs only for famous artists? 11:37 How to make an NFT 18:28 My first week in NFTs

    💎 Check out my work on Rarible here:

    💎 Donate your mountains of Etherium to: 0xd0c64800057c7dc5543d8af5845fa961ba32330b

    🤘 Have you minted an NFT? Share it below!


    1. Buy Etherium at (might have to wait a few days for it to arrive)
    2. Connect your wallet to or using either Metamask or Walletconnect
    3. Make an NFT
    4. Share it here!

    🌎 Here are a couple things to check out if you want two sides on the environmental impact argument about crypto: -

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  3. CoRecursive: Coding Stories - Apple 2001


    David Shayer worked at Apple for 14 years, and he has a wild experience to share. Apple has a unique culture, and David will give us an insider view of what it was like for him at Apple during the 2000s, roughly between 2001 to 2015 when Apple transformed into the powerhouse that it is today.

    David worked as a Software Engineer but for the hardware organization with Apple. He worked on a few special projects at Apple: at least one of them was top secret. But he is also going to share the struggles of building file systems and working on really short timelines and having development plans upended by Steve jobs.

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  4. David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH), Creator Of Ruby On Rails, Founder & CTO At Basecamp & HEY yesterday

    Released in 2004, Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework written in Ruby. Created by David Heinemeier Hansson, the framework takes full advantage of the Ruby’s unique features to create a language that continues to be very approachable even after almost two decades of development. In this conversation with Ben Rometsch, David dives deep into the genesis and evolution of Ruby on Rails and talks about his other works in progress at Basecamp and HEY. He also shares his prophetic and revolutionary insights on licensing, antitrust and other issues that matter to the open-source community.

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  5. #303: A World Without Email, with Cal Newport - Afford Anything

    Wouldn’t it be nice if our inbox magically managed itself? Let’s go a step further. What if we could live in a world without email? Email overload takes a real toll on us - on our workflow, and on our brains. A study conducted by RescueTime found that most workers can’t go six minutes without checking email. That, combined with how inefficient we become when switching tasks, creates a gigantic loss of productivity during our workday. Joke’s on you! I don’t use email. I use Slack instead. Ha! Slack isn’t any better than email. Any platform that allows for endless

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  6. 505: Civilization - Correspondence

    Whether it be via carrier pigeon, smoke signal, telegram or text message, humans have corresponded in some way since they first walked upright. On the 50th anniversary of the first internet email, we look at how the act and art of letter writing has evolved — and where it might go. The death of email has been predicted for a long time. Yet, it’s still with us. Will e-mail ever be replaced? Productivity expert David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-founder and CTO of Basecamp, talks about his love/hate relationship to email, and its future. Can the way the ancient Greeks and Romans corresponded inform how we communicate today? Antonia Sarri is a researcher in the department of ancient history and archeology at the University of Manchester, and an expert on Greco-Roman letter writing.

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  7. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi | Go Anywhere, Get Anything - Greymatter

    Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi sat down with Greylock general partner Reid Hoffman to discuss the past, present and future of the mobility and delivery business that now operates in 71 countries around the world and employs around 20,000 people globally. He also shared his perspective on M&A (including Uber’s recent acquisitions of Postmates and Drizly), autonomous vehicles, the complexities of working in highly regulated industries, and how his personal and professional background shaped the way he approaches leadership today. This episode was recorded during Iconversations, Greylock’s new virtual speaker series event.

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