WTF is an NFT?

Confused by NFTs? Of course you are! Because they sound really freaking complicated. Let me explain them in super simple language that everybody can get. No confusion here.

00:34 WTF is an NFT? 02:48 Are NFTs a bubble? 04:06 Are NFTs destroying the planet? 05:53 What do NFTs mean for collectors & fans? 07:23 What do NFTs mean for artists & creators? 10:34 Are NFTs only for famous artists? 11:37 How to make an NFT 18:28 My first week in NFTs

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  1. Buy Etherium at (might have to wait a few days for it to arrive)
  2. Connect your wallet to or using either Metamask or Walletconnect
  3. Make an NFT
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🌎 Here are a couple things to check out if you want two sides on the environmental impact argument about crypto: -

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