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  1. A Phone Call From Paul: Neil Gaiman ‹ Literary Hub

    We are very happy to introduce A Phone Call From Paul, Literary Hub’s weekly podcast, in which the inimitable Paul Holdengraber telephones a friend and sees what they’re up to.

    In episode one, Paul caught up with Neil Gaiman over the summer (before he became a new father!) to talk life, death, and the work of Dennis Potter.


    Read works mentioned in this podcast:

    The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered, by Clive James

    Japanese Maple, by Clive James



    Part two with Neil Gaiman: Bee keeping, fatherhood, and magic.


    Music by Kurt Feldman.

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  2. I Don’t Even Own a Television : “Left Behind” w/ Leeman Kessler

    Hoo boy. HOO BOY. In this episode, I team up with Leeman Kessler, creator and host of "Ask Lovecraft" and Actual Practicing Christian™ to talk about "Left Behind" and how friggin ridiculous it is. This episode is long! But you will learn things! Prepare to laugh and pray for your immortal soul.


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  3. Hypertext as an Agent of Change

    Thomas Pynchon. The Anthropocene. Ferguson. Geoheliocentrism. Teju Cole. Thomas Kuhn’s theory of paradigms. Antigone. A wall. The sixth extinction.

    The ways we transmit information—and the ways in which that information accumulates into narratives—is changing. And if we aren’t careful, it may not change in all the ways we want it to.


    Mandy Brown is a wordsmith. She takes other people’s words and hammers them into shape.

    Mandy edited Frank Chimero’s The Shape Of Design. She has edited articles for A List Apart and books for A Book Apart (including the particularly handsome first book).

    More recently, Mandy assembled a dream team to work on her startup Editorially, an online platform for collaborative writing and editing. That didn’t work out in the end, which is a shame because it was a lovely piece of work.

    Before that, Mandy worked as product lead at Typekit, whipping their communications into shape.

    She is one of the Studiomates crew in Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband, Keith and her dog, Jax. They’re both adorable.

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  4. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #90: Paul Ford

    The amazing Paul Ford is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest in Episode No. 90 of The Big Web Show (“everything web that matters”). In a fast-moving hour, the two long-time web architects discuss computer system emulators on the web, designing web archives, the value


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  5. WILLIAM GIBSON | The New York Public Library


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  6. The Adam Carolla Show - Marc Maron | Adam Carolla's Show

    Adam welcomes Marc Maron back to the show to discuss interviewing Gallagher, the pains of divorce, and why therapy can sometimes be a good thing.


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