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  1. You Made It Weird #205: Wayne Federman « Nerdist

    This is a fascinating episode.

    Speaking of 15 minutes pro/15 minutes against.

    Wayne got

    me on his side immediately by demanding respect for women.

    Then immediately turned me against him by conflating eating meat as a moral issue (a subjective opinion) with denying the fact (yes, FACT) that factory farming is a real thing, and it’s really torture.

    There isn’t just one video that’s making a claim that factory farming is a horrendous torture practice, there are thousands of them. This is fact.

    Pete’s not being persuaded by emotional arguments, or being new agey here. This is dangerous even for people who don’t eat meat, because this practice not only tortures the animals, but also spreads disease, because e. coli infected rivers of waste contaminate vegetable farms too, and antibiotic resistance is on the rise, because we have to stuff our meat with so many antibiotics so they won’t die while living in a pile of their own infectious waste.

    This reminds me so much of the Jim Gaffigan episode where he pretended that because there’s a lot of empty space in this country, overpopulation isn’t a problem.

    Federman wants to think this way about meat, because he really wants to eat meat.

    I eat meat, but It doesn’t mean I deny that factory farming exists.

    That’s an absurd way to deal with an issue.

    The whether meat is moral is a whole other issue and is debatable, meaning it has the potential to be debated.

    Factory Farms are a fact.

    It also struck me that he was so against the idea that bisexuality would be more common if more famous people in positions of respect and authority were openly bisexual.

    Of course that’s true.

    Men of his generation were just indoctrinated so thoroughly to conform to one, heteronormative choice that they’ve been programmed to reject any ideas of openness outright.

    It’s a real eye opener to me that when I’m 55, whatever younger people are doing then that makes me shake my head, should immediately remind me of this program and that I shouldn’t ever get so set in my programming that I refuse to even acknowledge the role that my programming has had on my opinions.

    Just like his refusal to acknowledge the role that society plays in our development.

    It’s not a rejection of personal responsibility to acknowledge that a society obsessed with one idea of beauty, that takes already flawless models and then photoshops them into cartoon characters has an effect on the women who are fed that imagery, along with societal pressure from the other girls also fed on the same imagery has on issues like anorexia.

    You can still take personal responsibility for how you chose to deal with these pressures, but to deny they are worth acknowledging sounds very much like judeo-christian, blame the victim, sinful sinners, nonsense.

    Great show to cause me to think and respond so much.

    Thanks Pete.

    I’m sure it can’t be easy to be running a whole show and doing this podcast.

    I really appreciate that you keep it up.


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