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  1. Episode 64: Chip Zdarsky

    What is utopia to you? A fantastic world where people live inside of fruit? Where everyone is your sex slave? Where Potato chips make you feel better about yourself? Join comedian, Chris Locke on a splendid journey to the perfect worlds of many hilarious and totally interesting guests on "Utopia To Me?"


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  2. Glare of the spotlight | Reveal

    Oscar season is upon us, and one of the best picture nominees is a film that hits pretty close to home for us at Reveal: “Spotlight.” In case you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a movie about The Boston Globe’s investigative team that exposed the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.

    In this hour of Reveal, we’re going to take you behind the scenes of that investigation, look at the legacy of the groundbreaking story and see how other journalists went on to expose more crimes by Catholic priests around the world.

    First up, we tell you what happened after the “Spotlight” movie ended and how The Boston Globe continued to expose cover-ups in the Catholic Church.

    In the second segment, Minnesota Public Radio exposes a priest abuse scandal in the Twin Cities, more than a decade after The Globe’s original investigation. Reporter Madeleine Baran spent two years looking into the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and uncovered how the church had been making secret payments to known abusers while continuing to conceal clergy sexual abuse from the public.

    And finally, GlobalPost reporter Will Carless takes us to Latin America on the trail of priests who fled the U.S. after being accused of sexually abusing children.

    Note: This episode contains graphic content related to child sexual abuse.


    Read: More from The Boston Globe on “Spotlight” and its original investigation

    Check out: Minnesota Public Radio’s Betrayed by Silence project

    Watch: GlobalPost’s “Fugitive Fathers” documentary


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  3. A Phone Call From Paul: Neil Gaiman ‹ Literary Hub

    We are very happy to introduce A Phone Call From Paul, Literary Hub’s weekly podcast, in which the inimitable Paul Holdengraber telephones a friend and sees what they’re up to.

    In episode one, Paul caught up with Neil Gaiman over the summer (before he became a new father!) to talk life, death, and the work of Dennis Potter.


    Read works mentioned in this podcast:

    The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered, by Clive James

    Japanese Maple, by Clive James



    Part two with Neil Gaiman: Bee keeping, fatherhood, and magic.


    Music by Kurt Feldman.

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  4. Avengers: Age Of Ultron Spoiler Podcast - Joss Whedon And Paul Bettany by EmpireMagazine | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Avengers: Age Of Ultron Spoiler Podcast - Joss Whedon And Paul Bettany

    by EmpireMagazine

    published on 2015/05/01 16:47:51 +0000

    The long-awaited Empire Podcast spoiler special for Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron features an hour’s worth of detailed discussion from the podcast team, as well as a frank, funny and very informative 30-minute interview with writer-director Joss Whedon, on top of a quicker five-minute chat with The Vision himself, Paul Bettany, who talks about… well, you’ll see. Or, rather, hear.

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  5. Annie Clark (St. Vincent) with Andy Gill (Gang of Four) - Talkhouse Music Podcast — The Talkhouse — Overcast


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  6. Kumail Nanjiani, Our Close Friend, episode #74 of Hollywood Handbook on Earwolf

    Sean and Hayes describe what pilot season is and describe the new show they’ve been working on.



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  7. I Don’t Even Own a Television : On The Brink (w/ Jeb Lund & Rocky Swift)

    A rip-roaring return to form after a month-and-a-half hiatus. This episode, I’m getting down to business and discussing Ben Stein’s finanical thriller "On The Brink" with returning guest Jeb Lund and first-timer Rocky Swift. We dissect the politics and amazingly weird writing of America’s favorite Boring Teacher From the Movies, and struggle to understand why anybody would write a ‘suspense’ novel about creeping inflation. Things even get a little educational. But then we talk about dicks.

    NOTE: Jeb wanted to apologize for fucking up the OPEC Crisis and Postal Strike chronology during the Nixon Administration. It probably doesn’t matter, because Ben Stein has all this stuff happen at once, but you don’t need to write in with corrections. He knows he’s wrong, and he’s sorry.

    Bumper Music: "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winters, "itzsoweezee" by De La Soul, "The Million Dollar Man Theme" by Jimmy Hart & JJ Maguire


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  8. The Arcade: Episode 44, Featuring William Gibson | Hazlitt Magazine | Hazlitt

    The Arcade: Episode 44, Featuring William Gibson


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  9. Jessie Drops the Mic - Let’s Make Mistakes - Mule Radio Syndicate

    Let’s Make Mistakes

    Episode 146

    November 6, 2014


    Jessie Drops the Mic

    “Everyone needs to shut up and listen.” -Jessie


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  10. Christopher Guest - Crybabies

    Welcome to Crybabies with Sarah Thyre and Susan Orlean. A show about celebrating all the things that make us cry. Sarah and Susan’s Cry of the Week choices lead them to talk about how they know each other, The Tale of Despereaux, Lou Rawls’ “Pure Imagination,” The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame,” and immersing yourself in heart break. Then, they are joined by actor, screenwriter, director, comedian Christopher Guest to chat about what makes him cry, having to cry on cue in a film, and the forever evolving crying triggers in It’s A Wonderful Life. Finally, Sarah and Susan discuss Pixar’s Up as they go through some Twitter submitted crying cues.


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