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  1. Transposons and repeats with Kaushik Panda and Keith Slotkin (#25)

    Kaushik Panda and Keith Slotkin come on the podcast to educate us about repetitive DNA and transposable elements. We talk LINEs, SINEs, LTRs, and even Sleeping Beauty transposons! Kaushik and Keith explain why repeats matter for your whole-genome analysis and answer listeners’ questions.

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  2. COVID-19: How to Vaccinate a Planet

    This week, the search for a vaccine for COVID-19: will we succeed, and when? Plus, in the news, the search for a chemical fingerprint for severe COVID-19, bacteria that live inside cancers, and could something in your genes make coronavirus harder to deal with…

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  3. Chris Stringer on paleoanthropology in 2020

    Razib catches up with Chris Stinger on the state of paleoanthropology in 2020 and the ramifications of what genetics has taught us about the diversity in Denisovans in the past few years!

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  4. Cambridge University and Covid: Stephen Toope

    Across the world, universities have been closed, researchers sent home and many classes are either not taking place or they’ve shifted online; so how does that impact the way universities are operating, and what’s been the financial and scientific impact. Chris Smith spoke with Stephen Toope, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge…

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  5. Episode 26 – Apollo 13: Addendum

    Want to take a deep dive behind the scenes of our Apollo 13 podcast series? Want to know the cause of the failure?

    Then this podcast is for you. We’ll talk about each episode, cover the technical material we left out, discuss the cause, and even chat about Ron Howard’s excellent movie, Apollo 13.

    We’ll even throw in a clue about our next long-form series…

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  6. Drokk! Ep. 2: “I’m A Cheap Punk!”

    The world of Judge Dredd began with the stories collected in Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol. 1, an uneven collection that introduced the basics but didn’t seem to know what to do with the character beyond that — which led to Dread being promoted to being Moon Sheriff for a few months within the first year of the strip. Where would things go after that? It turns out, to Hell and back. (Well, the West Coast, which some East Coasters would consider Hell.)

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  7. Episode 25 - Apollo 13 V: Steely-Eyed Missile Men

    Apollo 13 is about to undertake one of the most improvised and dangerous re-entries ever attempted by NASA.

    Will John Aaron and the Tiger Team figure out how to power back up the Command Module in time? Has the heat shield been damaged? Are their parachute’s frozen?

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  8. Episode 24 - Apollo 13 IV: Star Sailors

    The crew of Apollo 13 begin their long fall to earth. In this entire episode we stay with the crew as they go around the moon, fight to keep their LEM functioning and their trajectory correct - all while their spacecraft begins to freeze around them.

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  9. Episode 23 - Apollo 13 III: The Tiger Team

    "I don’t give a damn about the odds and I don’t give a damn that we’ve never done anything like this before. You’ve got to believe, your people have got to believe, that this crew is coming home." Gene Kranz to the Tiger Team, Room 210, April 1970.

    The Tiger Team and Mission Control work through the long range problems of getting Apollo 13 home. Meanwhile, the astronauts attempt to confirm their position and trajectory as the moon continues to grow larger in their windows.

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  10. Episode 22 - Apollo 13 II: The Lifeboat

    Following the explosion, the three astronauts and Mission Control fight to save the dying spacecraft. And Gene Kranz assembles a team to tackle an impossible rescue.

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