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  1. Drokk! Ep. 6:”Justice He Calls It! It’s Insanity!”

    Mega-City One as we know it — or, at least, as we’ve gotten to know it over the previous five episodes — is no more, as the result of the Apocalypse War, a storyline that both redefined the world Dredd lives in and the strip that’s named after him. But what can you do after that kind of monolithic event?

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  2. Drokk! Ep. 5: “Rita Hayworth Overzoom Is Down!”

    John Wagner has been joined by his long-term writing partner Alan Grant, as the world of Mega-City One comes ever more defined by the episode. We’ve survived the Cursed Earth, the Day The Law Died and even the Judge Child Quest. But can anyone survive… the Apocalypse War…?

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  3. Drokk! Ep. 4: “I See Only… Evil!”

    After a somewhat uneven first couple of years, Judge Dredd as a strip has settled into somewhat of a groove as co-creator John Wagner took full control of the writing chores and set about transforming the series’ setting Mega-City One into an important character in its own right. Who would want to separate Dredd from Mega-City One at this point?

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  4. TPZ169: Walking thru Bangladesh with Ian Packham

    Located between India and Myanmar, Bangladesh is a country about the size of England and Wales, but with three times the population. From January through March 2019, Ian Packham was on a self-supported trek across Bangladesh. It was 665.8 miles on foot starting in Saint Martins island in the south and ending in the country’s northernmost point. His plan is to uncover the stories of one of the world’s hidden destinations.

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  5. Drokk! Ep. 3: “He’s So Clean He Makes Me Suspicious!”

    Two years’ worth of Judge Dredd strips have passed, but things are only now starting to congeal when it comes to working out just who the title character is for both creators and readers, it seems, with John Wagner taking over the strip essentially full-time as writer with the length (and wonderful) “The Day The Law Died” cycle of stories. With Wagner installed permanently as the man in charge of Mega-City One, what lies ahead?

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  6. Drokk! Ep. 2: “I’m A Cheap Punk!”

    The world of Judge Dredd began with the stories collected in Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol. 1, an uneven collection that introduced the basics but didn’t seem to know what to do with the character beyond that — which led to Dread being promoted to being Moon Sheriff for a few months within the first year of the strip. Where would things go after that? It turns out, to Hell and back. (Well, the West Coast, which some East Coasters would consider Hell.)

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  7. Episode 25 - Apollo 13 V: Steely-Eyed Missile Men

    Apollo 13 is about to undertake one of the most improvised and dangerous re-entries ever attempted by NASA.

    Will John Aaron and the Tiger Team figure out how to power back up the Command Module in time? Has the heat shield been damaged? Are their parachute’s frozen?

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  8. Episode 24 - Apollo 13 IV: Star Sailors

    The crew of Apollo 13 begin their long fall to earth. In this entire episode we stay with the crew as they go around the moon, fight to keep their LEM functioning and their trajectory correct - all while their spacecraft begins to freeze around them.

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  9. Episode 23 - Apollo 13 III: The Tiger Team

    "I don’t give a damn about the odds and I don’t give a damn that we’ve never done anything like this before. You’ve got to believe, your people have got to believe, that this crew is coming home." Gene Kranz to the Tiger Team, Room 210, April 1970.

    The Tiger Team and Mission Control work through the long range problems of getting Apollo 13 home. Meanwhile, the astronauts attempt to confirm their position and trajectory as the moon continues to grow larger in their windows.

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  10. Episode 22 - Apollo 13 II: The Lifeboat

    Following the explosion, the three astronauts and Mission Control fight to save the dying spacecraft. And Gene Kranz assembles a team to tackle an impossible rescue.

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