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  1. Episode 25 - Apollo 13 V: Steely-Eyed Missile Men

    Apollo 13 is about to undertake one of the most improvised and dangerous re-entries ever attempted by NASA.

    Will John Aaron and the Tiger Team figure out how to power back up the Command Module in time? Has the heat shield been damaged? Are their parachute’s frozen?

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  2. Episode 24 - Apollo 13 IV: Star Sailors

    The crew of Apollo 13 begin their long fall to earth. In this entire episode we stay with the crew as they go around the moon, fight to keep their LEM functioning and their trajectory correct - all while their spacecraft begins to freeze around them.

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  3. Episode 23 - Apollo 13 III: The Tiger Team

    "I don’t give a damn about the odds and I don’t give a damn that we’ve never done anything like this before. You’ve got to believe, your people have got to believe, that this crew is coming home." Gene Kranz to the Tiger Team, Room 210, April 1970.

    The Tiger Team and Mission Control work through the long range problems of getting Apollo 13 home. Meanwhile, the astronauts attempt to confirm their position and trajectory as the moon continues to grow larger in their windows.

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  4. Episode 22 - Apollo 13 II: The Lifeboat

    Following the explosion, the three astronauts and Mission Control fight to save the dying spacecraft. And Gene Kranz assembles a team to tackle an impossible rescue.

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  5. Episode 21 - Apollo 13 I: Head for the Hills

    Apollo 13 is 200,000 miles from earth when it’s crippled by an explosion. On board are astronauts Jack Swigert, Fred Haise, and Commander Jim Lovell.

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  6. Drokk! Ep. 1: “I Hear You, Citizen!”

    Welcome to the year 2099, where the law is everything, and one man is the law — even if, in the stories we’re reading in this first episode of Drokk!, Judge Dredd isn’t exactly the fearsome lawman that everyone will come to know and love just yet. But watching how that happens is half the fun, or at least, half the fun of this podcast.

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  7. The Perot Effect

    What effect do third party candidates have in a two party system? This is an audio documentary about Ross Perot and the 1992 election that originally aired in October 2016.

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  8. Marxist board games and smart thinking with Geoff Lloyd and Ed Miliband

    Radio presenter Geoff Lloyd and Former Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband - joint hosts of the Reasons to be Cheerful podcast - join Fi and Jane for a wide-ranging interview at the BBC Media Cafe. Fi asks Ed what’s going to happen. Jane patronises Ed… and Ed patronises Jane.

    Plus not winning awards, dog shows and tripping over!

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  9. Episode 377: David Ephgrave

    #EdFringe17: David Ephgrave Asks, Now Who’s a Comedian?

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  10. The Historical Reliability of the Bible - Francesca Stavrakopoulou

    Francesca Stavrakopoulou @ProfFrancesca is Professor of Hebrew Bible & Ancient Religion at Exeter University. Her research is primarily focused on ancient Israelite and Judahite religions, and portrayals of the religious past in the Hebrew Bible. She is interested in biblical traditions and religious practices most at odds with Western cultural preferences.

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