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  1. Covid-19: Six Months On

    It’s been six months since lockdown started, what have we learned since then about Covid-19? David Aaronovitch examines what we know about the science, symptoms and policies.

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  2. COVID-19: How to Vaccinate a Planet

    This week, the search for a vaccine for COVID-19: will we succeed, and when? Plus, in the news, the search for a chemical fingerprint for severe COVID-19, bacteria that live inside cancers, and could something in your genes make coronavirus harder to deal with…

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  3. Cambridge University and Covid: Stephen Toope

    Across the world, universities have been closed, researchers sent home and many classes are either not taking place or they’ve shifted online; so how does that impact the way universities are operating, and what’s been the financial and scientific impact. Chris Smith spoke with Stephen Toope, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge…

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  4. Episode 26 – Apollo 13: Addendum

    Want to take a deep dive behind the scenes of our Apollo 13 podcast series? Want to know the cause of the failure?

    Then this podcast is for you. We’ll talk about each episode, cover the technical material we left out, discuss the cause, and even chat about Ron Howard’s excellent movie, Apollo 13.

    We’ll even throw in a clue about our next long-form series…

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