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  1. Retronauts Vol. IV Episode 31 All Hail the DS


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  2. How Companies Can Get Started Using Machine Learning for Business

    Predictive analytics and machine learning are all the rage in Silicon Valley, but how do companies actually derive value by leveraging these technologies? We asked this question to Dr. Ronen Meiri, CTO and Founder of DMWay, a predictive analytics and machine learning platform company based in Israel. In this episode, Ronen speaks about what his company does and how smart executives are starting to make decisions how to choose and decide on the a smart, user-friendly platform that fits their business’ needs.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/techemergence/how-companies-can-get-started
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  3. The Flop House Bonus 3

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  4. The Flop House Bonus 2

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  5. The Flop House Bonus 1

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  6. Part 2 of Track Record with @suedougan talking to @TomBroughton

    Part 2 of Track Record with Sue Dougan talking to Tom Broughton about his career and musical influences.


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  7. Part 1 of Track Record with @suedougan talking to @TomBroughton

    Part 1 of Track Record with Sue Dougan talking to Tom Broughton about his career and musical influences.


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  8. Varoufakis Interview

    ABC Radio - listen to live streaming radio or catch up in your own time to audio on-demand and podcasts from ABC RN, triple j, Double J, Classic FM, ABC Rural and ABC Local radio stations.


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  9. Episode 5: “The Maya Deren of Mutilation”

    We’re back! Episode 5 of Trash Twins! In this episode, Katie and Sarah discuss the New French Extremity movement through the three films: In My Skin(2002), Martyrs(2008), and Trouble Every Day(2001).

    00:00 - 10:38 - Katie and Sarah go over some of the overarching themes of the New French Extremity as a whole. Katie references a book: Brutal Intimacy(Wesleyan Film) by Tim Palmer. Also worth checking out is the essential lecture on the topic by Alex West (of the wonderful Faculty of Horror podcast): Quelle Horreur! The Films of New French Extremity for the Black Museum lecture series.

    10:38 - 29:43 - The conversation continues into the film In My Skin(2002), written by, directed by and starring Marina De Van.

    29:43 - 56:20 - In this section, the twins discuss Martyrs(2008), directed by Pascal Laugier, starring: Morjana Alaoui, Mylène Jampanoï, Catherine Bégin, Isabelle Chasse, Juliette Gosselin, and Xavier Dolan.

    56:20 - 1:25:00 The twins close with a discussion of the Claire Denis directed film Trouble Every Day(2001), starring: Vincent Gallo, Béatrice Dalle, Tricia Vessey, and Alex Descas.

    1:25:00 - 1:34:57 Closing thoughts.

    Also Sarah calls August Underground, August Moon for some reason.

    Read more at http://trashtwins.libsyn.com/episode-5-the-maya-deren-of-mutilation#Q35QYqk8SYvC2s6M.99

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  10. Bayonetta 2

    In each episode of Quality Control, Polygon managing editor Justin McElroy talks to a critic after they review a new game and allows them to add a little bit of extra context and insight. Why did they feel the way they did? What do they wish they had been able to discuss in more depth in their review? Also: Did they play it wrong?

    In this episode, we talk with Arthur Gies about his review of Bayonetta 2, which you can find at the link below.



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