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  1. “Mad Men” Creator Matthew Weiner

    For the second year running, top honors at the Emmys for best dramatic series went to an AMC cable show set in a New York ad agency in the early 1960s.

    The visuals of AMC’s “Mad Men” are all skinny ties and bullet bras — buttoned-down corporate America smoking and drinking and dancing on the edge of what we know would be assassinations and war and 1960s cultural revolution to come.

    Its world is white, sexist, racist, homophobic, shadowed by fear of nuclear war — and compelling, right now, in 2009.

    This hour, On Point: A conversation with Matthew Weiner, creator of “Mad Men.”

    —Huffduffed by Clampants

  2. Christopher Hitchens on the Axis of Evil

    Acclaimed writer and political scholar Christopher Hitchens may just be the only writer to have recently visited Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Hitchens - known for his keen wit, sharp political insight and often controversial opinions - examines the differences between the countries once linked as the "axis of evil," while revealing intriguing connections between the nations.

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  3. Niall Ferguson - The New World of Finance

    Financial historian Niall Ferguson knows humanity’s long trail of boom and bust cycles. But he is hardly buried in the past.

    In the long run-up to today’s crisis, Ferguson was warning loud and clear that we were headed for trouble. He called it early, and he called it right.

    Now, Ferguson is sizing up the mess we’re in. Bottom line guess, he says: we’re headed for ten percent unemployment and five-plus years of hard times.

    On the other side, the world could look quite different. But the U.S., he says, still has some good cards to play. Saving graces.

    This hour, On Point: Niall Ferguson, and the big view of the mess we’re in.

    —Huffduffed by Clampants