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  1. Kevin Kelly | Trends and Social Consequences of Technology

    Our long-term interaction with the web will be defined by six trends. These trends will will involve dramatic changes that will make computing more like what we are used to seeing in many of today’s movies. Kevin Kelly explains why he believes that soon the internet will beneficially surround us in ways that most users don’t imagine today.

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  2. Usman Haque | Pachube

    Pachube is an on-line database service provider that allows developers to connect sensor data to the Web and to build their own applications on it. Its creator, Usman Haque, discusses it, reviewing what Pachube is, how it can be used, and examples of its value as a way to manage data. He argues that services like Pachube can take advantage of open data to discover and share information.

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  3. The Changelog - Episode 0.1.7 - Open Source publishing with Geoffrey Grosenbach, Brandon Mathis, and Tim Caswell

    Adam and Wynn caught up with Geoffrey Grosenbach, Brandon Mathis, and Tim Caswell to talk about publishing with open source tools, open blogging, and the back-to-the-future world of static site generators and database-less blogs.

    Items mentioned in the show:

    Peepcode In-depth screencasts and tutorials Git Peepcode The best way to get up to speed with git About this Blog TopFunky’s blog stack Brandon’s Design blog Open Blogging Close to the source control metal blogging where article submissions are pull requests Fast-moving blog for Rails early adopters Octopress A blogging framework for hackers built on top of Jekyll, Compass, Sass, and Haml Tim’s open blog for how to learn Node.js Node Blog The blogging engine behind Nesta Neat dynamic blogging tool on top of Sinatra Webby Ruby tool for creating static web sites (or other text output) Blosxom PERL reminds us that none of these ideas are new RailsCamp “Imagine yourself and a posse of like-minded ruby hackers on a country retreat with zero internet for a weekend of fun.” Nanoc Awesome static site generator from Denis Defreyne that powers the upcoming Compass docs site haml-js Bringing Haml to JavaScript views RaphaelJS SVG graphs in JavaScript Fancy Buttons Brandon’s Compass plugin for making great looking buttons out of or tags node-dirty A key value store for node.js that is simple, fast & dirty. TXJS Join us in Austin for an awesome JavaScript conference

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  4. FLOSS Weekly 35: Drizzle; lighweight mysql fork

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  5. FLOSS Weekly 34: Django

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  6. Lessons Learned from the Open Source Software

    Open Source Software, once considered revolutionary, has increasingly been accepted as mainstream. In this panel of some of the most experienced open source leaders and analysts, we will explore what has made open source successful and what lessons all businesses can learn from this paradigm shifting technology.

    Moderator: Neelan Choksi, Lexcycle

    Michael Cote, RedMonk

    Neelan Choksi, Lexcycle

    Mark Brewer, SpringSource

    Sara Dornsife

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  7. Civic Technologies and the Future of the Internet

    Jonathan Zittrain warns how the migration to closed systems will end innovation on the Internet and facilitate unsettling new kinds of control and offers solutions for avoiding this web lockdown.

    Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard Law School / Berkman Center for Internet & Society

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