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  1. DrumSkool215 Episode 7! w/ DJ Armen: “Jeepers Creepers!”

    Ed Rush and Optical’s seminal 1998 full length debut "Wormhole" always gets all the love… and for good reason. It pretty much changed the game for drum n bass, single-handedly dragging the sound into an unprecedented, new frontier. But it’s the duos follow up, "The Creeps" (released in 2000) that always did it for me.

    It carefully built upon the rolling, techno-funk of its predecessor but was somehow this even funkier, grittier soul - the production streamlined to yet another level. It’s aimed straight for the dancefloor, yet can just as easily be appreciated driving high speed down the interstate, during late night subway rides, or just spacing out on your bedroom floor inside a great pair of headphones. I’ve always felt the whole album works so well as one piece so I thought it was appropriate to showcase it on our podcast, in full, in October of course, an entire 10 years after it’s release (wow, I feel old!).

    Joey Breakdown mixing Ed Rush & Opticals’ "The Creeps": Ed Rush and Optical - Resurrection (feat. Ryme Tyme) - Virus Ed Rush and Optical - Check Out Time - Virus Ed Rush and Optical - Reach Out - Virus Ed Rush and Optical - Rock The House - Virus Ed Rush and Optical w/ Matrix - Flightpath - Virus Ed Rush and Optical - The Creeps - Virus Optical & Ryme Tyme - White Lightning - Virus Ed Rush and Optical - Pacman - Virus Ed Rush and Optical - Greed - Virus Ed Rush and Optical w/ Matrix - Fastlane (feat. Ryme Tyme) - Virus

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  2. Dogs on Acid: Ulterior Motive


    Ulterior Motive - Yoghurt Brainwave - Subtitles UK Alix Perez & Zero T - Enemy of Reason - dub Judda - Pressure Plate - Critical dub Acid Labs - Reborn - Break Fast Audio dub Ed Rush & Optical - Life Crisis (Origin Unknown remix) - Virus Alix Perez - Menacing Ways - Shogun Audio dub DLR & Octane - Seven - Dispatch dub Fracture & Neptune - The Limit - Astrophonica dub Vicious Circle & Universal Project - Snorkle - Siren dub Hybris - Losing It - dub Phace - Vintage - Neosignal dub FD & Script - White Horse - CIA Deepkut Ulterior Motive - Featherweight - Subtitles UK Zero T & Script - Guessing Games - Footprints dub Ulterior Motive - Frozen Sky - Reinforced dub Noisia & Joe Seven - Ease Forward - Invisible dub Spectrasoul - Absentis - Shogun Audio Ulterior Motive & Jubei - Snoretooth - Metalheadz dub S.P.Y - Xenomorph - Metalheadz Ulterior Motive - 2098 - Subtitles UK Icicle - Echoes - Subtitles Alix Perez - Dark Days - Shogun Audio dub Ulterior Motive - Glued - Subtitles UK Ulterior Motive & Jubei - Tevatron - Metalheadz dub

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