Family Surprised At Czech Meaning Of ‘Say Cheese’

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  1. Profile: Vaclav Klaus 27 Dec 08 | BBC Radio 4

    The Czech Republic takes on the European Union presidency on January 1st. But one man who won’t be celebrating is the country’s Eurosceptic head of state, Vaclav Klaus. In this week’s Profile, Chris Bowlby hears how one of the most combative European politicians emerged from his country’s revolution against communism.

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  2. Please Enter Destination: Tereza Semotamová

    Please Enter Destination: Tereza Semotamová

    Czech Republic, F

    Translated by Barbora Růžičková

    A young couple, Helena and Honza, on a weekend drive to visit bourgeois friends, find that their new GPS has a life of its own and their friendly hitchhiker is a devil. Their encounters with these characters, against the backdrop of increasingly absurd radio news updates, reveal the flaws and merits of their relationship and their respective worldviews.

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  3. Hacking the Czech Parliament via SMS

    The Czech art collective Ztohoven’ project “Moral Reform” was accomplished in collaboration with web security experts. Together they created the unique art concept of a mobile phone mass-hack.

    "Am I the only one who sees all the bad things we do? It`s impossible to govern in a decent way anymore. Let’s finish it once for all. I am ready to overtake the responsibility. I am ready to reveal the full truth.”

    Messages like these were received by Ministers from their government fellows.

    Day: 2013-12-30 Start time: 11:30 Duration: 01:00 Room: Saal 1 Track: Ethics, Society & Politics Language: en

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  4. Radio Prague - Miroslav Tichy: A voyeur with a home-made camera

    The photographer Miroslav Tichy became known in the Czech Republic only

    recently, after he achieved major success abroad. His unusual photographs

    have been exhibited in galleries in London, New York, Zurich and although

    they are of very poor technical quality visitors and critics are

    impressed. The photographs are now sold for up to ten thousand euros.

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