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  1. Johnny Harris - “Borders” Creator and Filmmaking Journalist for Vox

    It has been fascinating to follow Johnny’s work and to see all of the places he has been traveling while producing the series "Borders" on Vox.

    Listen on iTunes or Spotify - https://kraigadams.com/podcast


    Camera - http://geni.us/us7OdB Lens - http://geni.us/xdtBh Edited with FCPX - http://geni.us/8mrfAY All of my gear - https://kraigadams.com

    https://instagram.com/kraigadams https://twitter.com/kraigadams

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX9t4qguC_A
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  2. Mark Zuckerberg: The Recode interview - Recode

    Everything was on the table — and after Facebook’s wildest year yet, that’s a really big table.


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  3. Rachel Whiteread: on sculpture

    At the 2017 Women in Architecture Awards, Rachel Whiteread became the third woman to be awarded the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize, which recognises those working in the wider industry who have made a significant contribution to architecture and the built environment.

    In this lecture, recorded at the awards lunch at Claridge’s on Friday 3 March, Whiteread looks back at 30 years of sculpture and considers the relationship between her work and the world of architecture.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/the-architectural-review/rachel-whiteread
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  4. 79. A Primrose Hill By Any Other Name | Skylines, the CityMetric podcast on acast



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  5. 67. Justin McGuirk

    Justin McGuirk is a writer, critic and curator. He is currently the chief curator at the Design Museum in London and a faculty member in the Design Curating & Writing program at Design Academy Eindhoven. Previously, he was director of Strelka Press, design critic for The Guardian, and the editor of Icon magazine. In 2014, he published Radical Cities: Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture. In this episode, Justin and I talk about the similarities between writing and curating, modes of criticism, and design’s troubled relationship to problem solving. Links from this episode can be found at scratchingthesurface.fm.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/scratchingthesurfacefm/67-justin-mcguirk
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  6. 06 JFDI CAST : How to Build an Agency (that people care about)

    YO!!! - The JFDI CAST is a daily show where I just talk for 20 mins about just fucking doing something (although today I spoke for 46 mins). Stop procrastinating, stop overthinking, stop planning, just fucking do it (and learn from it)

    - I could talk forever about this subject and this is a JFDI cast meaning I just say what I remember at the time so I have forgotten loads and this is just the start. Hopefully it gives you enough to trigger questions you can fire over to me at mills@ustwo.com

    Here is the ustwo cultural manifesto  https://usweb-cdn.ustwo.com/ustwo-production/uploads/2017/12/ustwo_cultural_manifesto_dec17.pdf

    and the show notes https://medium.com/@millsustwo/how-to-build-an-agency-2ae15ae56089

    - This podcast isn’t brought to you by https://easle.co because they don’t know I have written this.

    please send me ideas as to what to talk about next on mills@ustwo.com or @millsustwo on twitter and instagram.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/millsustwo/howtobuildanagency
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  7. The Father Of The Internet Sees His Invention Reflected Back Through A ‘Black Mirror’ : All Tech Considered : NPR

    The titans of Silicon Valley have a grand vision of the future. But they have a tendency to miss the downside of their inventions — think cybercrime and online harassment.


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  8. SON[I]A #251. Hasan Elahi

    We dig up some unreleased fragments of the interview with Hasan Elahi that we were unable to include the first time around.

    Timeline 00:00 Thoughts on Photography: a shared experience, an action rather than a document 00:58 Photography is no longer about the image 01:41 Dictators, secrets and artists 02:09 Our primal need for secrets 02:31 Knowledge and the archive 03:05 Distributed knowledge and distributed power

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  9. Negotiating Peace

    Two women who shaped the peace agreements in Colombia and Northern Ireland


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  10. “The reward of interacting is understanding” | Uncharted

    An interview with Maarten Lambrechts about explorable explanations in newsrooms


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