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  1. Disney’s Most Controversial Film (Six Degrees of Song of the South, Episode 1) — You Must Remember This

    Disney Plus is launching with the stated intention of streaming the entire Disney library…except for

    Song of the South , the 1946 animation/live-action hybrid film set on a post-Civil War plantation, which was theatrically re-released as recently as 1986, served as the basis for the ride Splash M

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  2. Local SEO Techniques that Actually Work with Greg Gifford - Marketing Speak

    It’s easy to get so caught up in the world of online marketing that we forget about its connection to physical, brick-and-mortar reality. Today’s episode is a perfect combination of the best of both worlds, as we discuss SEO and online marketing for businesses with at least one physical location. Local SEO has some important differences from traditional SEO, such as the way that directory links are handled.

    Today’s guest, Greg Gifford, gave a fantastic keynote speech at UnGagged and I just knew that I had to share his wisdom and expertise with you! In this conversation, you’ll learn how to get your businesses highly ranked in Google’s various search results, why it’s so important to keep your name, address, and phone number consistent, and which tools you should use to reach the top.

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