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  1. 039: How to Turn a Podcast Interview Into a Story | seanwes

    039: How to Turn a Podcast Interview Into a Story | Fiery inspiration on creativity and business every single day.

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  2. 5by5 | Podcast Method #19: New Tools

    Dan talks about new tools for podcasters, mic technique, naming your podcast, standing out as an independant podcaster, and answers your questions.

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  3. 139: I’ve Seen This Train Before

    Pre-show: Where is the updated 15" MacBook Pro?


    TSMC vs. Samsung A9 battery life

    Overcast 2

    File formats are fun


    Facebook KVOController


    What’s next

    Authenticated feeds?

    Business model


    Marco’s XOXO talk

    Marco sees a medium

    Post-show: New iMacs

    Increased gamut 1 & 2

    Fusion drive down to 24 GB of flash

    New keyboard, trackpad, and mouse

    Key travel comparison

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  4. Mac Power Users #283: Videos and Growing a Business with Adam Lisagor - Relay FM

    Adam Lisagor returns to the show to chat about how his video production team has grown from working out of a spare bedroom to a large team and the challenges and opportunities this presents.

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  5. PR010 – Podcasting “Success” with Pat Flynn | Podcasters’ Roundtable

    PR010 – Podcasting “Success” with Pat FlynnPosted in podcast, Uncategorized

    What defines success in podcasting? Is it subscribers, downloads, website traffic, money or something else?

    Watch/listen to +Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast along with +Daniel J. Lewis  +David Jackson  and myself (Ray Ortega) discuss the concept of success as it applies to podcasting.

    Pat was a very successful blogger (numbers, money, recognition, etc.) before he ever started a podcast. We’ll find out how starting a podcast has increased his own measure of success and learn how each podcaster on the Roundtable defines success in podcasting differently.


    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download (Duration: 1:16:16 — 35.0MB)

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  6. Remixing The Music | Transom

    Listen to “Remixing The Music”Last year, Transom published a slew of excellent articles about scoring stories. The series was called “Using Music” and it featured insight on scoring from some of the best — The Kitchen Sisters, Brendan Baker, Jonathan Mitchell, Andy Mills, and Pat Mesiti-Miller. This week, HowSound adds to the mix.

    Neena Pathak, a former Transom Story Workshop student, scored a story she produced for Latino USA back in April. The piece is called “Sabiduria: Negotiating Identity in a Trans-Racial Adoption.” In it, Tom Molina Duarte talks openly about being born in Costa Rica and raised by white parents in the U.S.

    I heard an early draft of the story and thought there was too much music in it — that the story was “wallpapered” with music nearly every second. While that’s not necessarily a bad approach to scoring a story, I believe the music could be used more effectively if it was brought in and out at particular points. Plus, it would be valuable to hear Tom’s voice in the clear, without any music, so that he could speak directly to the listener.

    So, I reached out to Neena and asked if I could remix her story — take her original session and rejigger the music. Thankfully, she agreed.

    I am very grateful to Neena for allowing me to put her story under the microscope and letting me rearrange what she produced. It’s not easy to let go of something you’ve created and let someone else reshape it — publicly, no less. Thanks, too, to the staff at Latino USA for granting permission to use the story.

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  7. Marc Maron WTF Walking Dead

    Comedian Marc Maron is tackling the most complex philosophical question of our day - WTF? He’ll get to the bottom of it with help from comedian friends, celebrity guests and the voices in his own head. You loved him on Morning Sedition. You kinda liked him on The Marc Maron Show. You tolerated him on Break Room Live. Now, embrace him on a show from which he cannot be fired - WTF with Marc Maron.

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  8. I Have a 6 Month Runway. What Should I do Next? (FS118)

    Paul has a 6 month runway before he has to find another job. He really doesn’t want to find another job. Instead, he’s got a blog and a product — both alre

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  9. Inquisitive #46: Favourite Album: John Siracusa and ‘Achtung Baby’ - Relay FM

    This week, Myke talks to John Siracusa about ‘Achtung Baby’, by U2.

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  10. Packet Loss #12 : That Wrinkle Love — Packet Loss Podcast

    This week, Ola, Chan and Mikey have a call about selfcheck out lines, the perils of biking in a major city, near death experiences and traveling to Mars.

    Couple words of warning: I tried to bleep out what I could and I may have missed a couple words here are there… My bad.

    We always advise to wear headphones.

    Follow us @_packetLoss

    You can also ask us questions by tweeting #askPL, or #askIfe to ask Ola directly.

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