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  1. Cortex #69: Minimum Viable - Relay FM

    Grey needs more storage space, Myke built a gaming PC (nice!), and they both talk about what they want to see at WWDC.


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  2. 216: A Sweet Precious Angel with Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann joins Brett once again to discuss—in typically humorous

    fashion—dogs, personal digital assistants, Apple tech, productivity hacks,

    and more.

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    productivity by making up-to-date, shared knowledge available instantly to

    everyone who needs it. Visit TextExpander.com/podcast for 20% off your

    first year.


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  3. How to Get Organised When Marketing Your Business - Boagworld Show


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  4. Sounding Like Yourself - Transom

    Sounding Like Yourself - Transom


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  5. Intimate Interviewing - Transom

    Intimate Interviewing - Transom


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  6. The Killing of Colten Boushie (Live in Saskatoon) - CANADALAND

    In the wake of Colten Boushie’s death, Jesse discusses racial tensions in Saskatoon with panelists Betty Ann Adam, Rob Innes, and Mylan Tootoosis.


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  7. How #1 Hit Podcast ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ Co-Creator Jeffrey Cranor Writes: Part One

    The co-creator and co-writer of the #1 international hit podcast Welcome to Night Vale and New York Times bestselling co-author of the novel of same name, Jeffrey Cranor, dropped by the show to talk about the importance of collaboration, deadlines, and bad writing.


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  8. Matt Report with Logan Nickelson

    Kicking of Season 4 is my friend Logan Nickelson, founder of MusicForMakers.com. He built a recurring membership business built on WordPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and Restrict Content Pro enabling him to sell his royalty-free music.

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  9. Canvas #17: 2Do with Ben Brooks - Relay FM

    This week Fraser talks with Ben Brooks about the third major task manager on iOS, 2Do.


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  10. right-click here

    In this episode we follow Marie Poulin’s story of creating her famous online school for designers. She tells us how she got her first group of students for Digital Strategy School, how she experimented with pricing models, and what challenges she encountered on her way to success. This episode is precious for those who want to start their own training programs.

    Download the MP3 audio file: right-click here and choose Save As.

    Podcast feed: subscribe to http://simplecast.fm/podcasts/1441/rss in your favorite podcast app.

    Show Notes

    Digital Strategy School — Marie’s online school for designers

    Special discount for our listeners

    Follow Marie on Twitter: @mariepoulin


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