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    Dan and Merlin try to remove the airquotes from “inspiration” by talking about what it’s great for (shipping better and more interesting stuff), what it’s terrible for (getting started). Also covered: Dan’s Old Testament name(s), part of Merlin’s body that was once believed to be inspired by air, the problem with Some Hot Chick Typing in Her Underwear, TKTKTK writing tips, plus Batgirl. Always with the Batgirl.



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  2. 1.0.4 Being Mean - This Developer’s Life

    In this episode I’m joined once again by Scott Hanselman and we explore the idea of “being mean” - and what makes people mean in our industry.

    In the first story Scott shares his experience on being “outted” at a former company, where his name sat beside 7 of the 10 top entries on a list of “what not to do to code”.

    Scott then interviews Cyra Richardson - a program manager at Microsoft with a rather strong opinion about the changes she’s seen in the company over the last 20 years.

    Finally, I spend some time talking to Giles Bowkett and his various … “interesting” interactions with the Ruby community.


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  3. The Auteur Theory Of Design

    Why is it that some projects never rise to the level of the talent of those who made it? It’s oft said regarding good work that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But sometimes the whole is less than the sum of its parts—a company or team comprised of good people, but yet which produces work that isn’t good.

    In his session, John will explain his theory to explain how this happens—in both directions—based on the longstanding collaborative art of filmmaking. Learn how to recognise when a project is doomed to mediocrity, and, more importantly, how best to achieve collaborative success.


    John Gruber writes and publishes Daring Fireball, a somewhat popular weblog ostensibly focused on Mac and web nerdery. He has been producing Daring Fireball as a full-time endeavour since April 2006.

    He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and son.

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