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  1. 131: Ryan Singer - How Basecamp Builds Software | Full Stack Radio

    In this episode, Adam talks to Ryan Singer of Basecamp about how they plan, structure, and execute on new features.

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  2. 112: Guillermo Rauch - Building Serverless Applications with Now | Full Stack Radio

    In this episode, Adam talks to Guillermo Rauch building and deploying serverless web applications with Now.

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  3. Roman Mars: Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed | Talk Video |

    Roman Mars is obsessed with flags — and after you watch this talk, you might be, too. These ubiquitous symbols of civic pride are often designed, well, pretty terribly. But they don’t have to be. In this surprising and hilarious talk about vexillology — the study of flags — Mars reveals the five basic principles of flag design and shows why he believes they can be applied to just about anything.

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  4. What if your product launch fails? This interview will give you $10k reasons to do it anyway. | Unicornfree with Amy Hoy: Creating And Selling Your Own Products

    If there’s one thing Amy and I hear from our students, both directly and indirectly, it’s “I’m worried I’m going to fuck this up.”

    After teaching hundreds of students the 30×500 processes and techniques, there’s only one difference that stands out between the people who succeed and everyone else:

    Action vs. inaction.

    Doing the work vs. making excuses.

    Trying vs. resisting.

    Call it what you want, the source of inaction is the same nearly 90% of the time. People are terrified of doing things wrong.

    And then there are the people who take what they’ve learned and try. People like Scott Hurff.

    By his own measures, Scott’s first product launch was far from perfect. But he still launched.

    Scott hoped to earn $5k during launch week. Instead, his imperfect launch crushed his goal by 2x, earning $10k in the first week. Sales have continued to climb since launch, bringing Scott’s first product gross revenue to over $24k total in it’s first 6 months. And then 3 days into his second product launch, sales of his new product had already exceeded the ENTIRE lifetime revenue of his first product.

    First product launch week – $10,000

    Second product launch week – $34,000

    First product total revenue to date – $24,000

    Second product total revenue to date – $40,000

    Grand total product revenue to date – $64,000+

    In the audio interview below, Scott tells the story of both of these launches…and how they compare to the things he’d attempted to ship in the past. Scott shares some specific techniques that he’s used to connect with his audience, figure out what to build, grow his audience to the thousands, and make his customers love the things he creates.

    Scott and I also talk about what he did differently when he launched his second product by incorporating ebombs & our 30×500 launch sequence techniques.

    Scott also shared how money isn’t his only motivator. You’ll hear about his more personal goals and ambitions, not to mention certain positive experiences that he didn’t expect.

    Hit the orange play button in the top left of the embed below to start the interview, or listen to it directly on SoundCloud.

    Ready to learn what Scott learned?

    We’ve packaged up the 7 most important lessons you need in order to build products that people want to buy and launch them with confidence.

    Drop your email in the box below and we’ll send you the first lesson in the series right away!

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  5. Face it: The internet of things isn’t going to develop like the web

    We spend a lot of time on the show discussing standards and how data should move easily around the internet of things, but this week Tom Coates tells us that vision isn’t realistic.

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  6. Seth Godin on When You Should Start Marketing Your Product, Service, or Idea | Copyblogger

    Seth Godin’s on the show today, delivering a fast and elemental definition of good marketing that works. Don’t miss it …

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  7. Design Critique: Products for People

    Encouraging useful and usable designs for a better customer experience. /

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  8. Don Norman on living with complexity

    Don Norman, a former Apple vice-president, co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, and one of the world’s most influential designers, discusses his new book, Living With Complexity. Norman talks about differences between complexity, something being complicated, and simplicity, and suggests that people who bemoan “technology” don’t actually seek simplicity. He also discusses differences between designing a product and designing a system, using examples of iPods and iTunes, the Amazon Kindle, and BMW’s Mini Cooper — products whose success depended upon the success of larger systems. Norman also notes the difference between a forcing function and a nudge, explains how complicated rules can weaken security, and comments on sociable design in realspace and on the internet.

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