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  1. WTF interview with Ira Glass

    Really interesting interview with Ira Glass, host of This American Life

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  2. LSE Lecture - Mobile Phones For Developing Countries

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  3. Time + Social + Location. What’s Next In Mobile Experiences?

    As more devices become location aware, social uses will continue to evolve beyond just who and what, to WHEN. Adding the temporal dimension creates new opportunities for social interaction. Learn about ways to leverage and use technology to add features at the intersection of temporal, social, and location.

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  4. Johnnie Moore Podcast on Agile

    "It’s a non-linear kind of conversation exploring what makes for agility in organisations and what gets in the way"

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  5. QR Codes and 2D Barcodes: Bridging Physical & Digital

    With SXSW launching 2D Barcodes as part of the registration process and as a way of accessing digital content on your mobile there will be a lot of interest in this technology in the coming months. This panel will explore these emerging technologies that create a link between the physical and…

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  6. Exploiting Chaos — How to Spark Innovation During Times of Change

    One of North America’s hottest keynote speakers, the founder of, reveals powerful strategies for thriving in any economic climate. DID YOU KNOW THAT Hewlett-Packard, Disney, Hyatt, MTV, CNN, Microsoft, Burger King, and GE all started during periods of economic recession? Periods of uncertainty fuel tremendous opportunity, but the deck gets… Speaker/Artist(s) Jeremy Gutsche

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  7. Maps, Books, Spimes, Paper: Post-Digital Media Design

    The Internet is situated in the real world, and interesting experiences have to blend physical and digital. Mixing new technology - Arduinos, GPS, RFID, QRcodes - and old (web, paper), we present examples of the recently possible future, and the lessons we’ve learnt. And we’ll make something along the way.

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  8. A General Theory of Creative Relativity

    Jim Coudal ( presented this theory at SXSW.

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  9. SXSW: Indie Games Take Over the World

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  10. What Teens & Tweens Want In A Web Site/Application

    If you’re designing or programming a website or application for teens or just want to be relevant to the next generation, this teen panel will give you a glimpse into how teens are using the Net and cell phones. Find out what teens want, and more importantly what they don’t!

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