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  1. Buckle up, The Great Resignation is heading Australia’s way - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    Thinking of quitting your job? Join the club! The COVID pandemic has led to what’s being dubbed The Great Resignation in the US. And apparently this seismic shift in the workforce is about to hit our shores, especially in the tech industry. from global research and advisory firm Gartner shares industry trends and what organisations need to do to head it off at the pass. With stories from , Chicago-based content marketing manager; Cathy, Australian start up founder; and, community innovation director, Culture Amp Producer:

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  2. Medieval public health - Late Night Live - ABC Radio National

    When we look at public health in mediaeval times, everything old is new again.  There was awareness of hygiene; masks to prevent the spread of disease; social distancing; careful management of produce markets. And even health passports. The societies of the Middle Ages should not be derided in the way they often are, Guy Geltner argues.

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