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  1. JavaScript Supply Chain with Feross Aboukhadijeh - Software Engineering Daily

    The JavaScript supply chain includes numerous vulnerabilities due to its expansive nature and the long dependency chains. Socket is a new security company that can protect your most critical apps from supply chain attacks. They are taking an entirely new approach to one of the hardest problems in security in a stagnant part of the

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  2. KEYNOTE: Surveillance capitalism in our libraries

    KEYNOTE: Surveillance capitalism in our libraries Sarah Lamdan, CUNY School of Law


    In the transition from industrial to informational capitalism, much of our lived experience has gone from physical to digital, including library services. As publishers, library vendors, and other informational service providers have become internet-based companies, their business models have transitioned from analog services to data-based services. In short, our traditional library service providers are becoming data analytics companies, dabbling in, or diving into personal data brokering. From RELX to ProQuest, major library vendors are finding new ways to extract and monetize people’s personal data. Researchers are finding surveillance software like ThreatMetrix in their research databases, and data analytics companies like Clarivate are trying to acquire ProQuest, a major library service platform provider to exploit library patrons’ data to create more academic metrics to sell grant funders and research institutions. All of these corporate decisions are part of a trend of our vendors collecting library patrons’ personal data. The increasing surveillance capitalism in our library spaces makes open access more important than ever.

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  3. 1|6 Nancy Nu̴ñez | Diversity, rank and power - Facilitate This! -

    If we want to equalise power in groups, we must work with the dynamics at play. Groupwork Centre facilitator Nancy Nuñez says it’s worth giving it a go. A conversation about rank and power can lead to significant breakthroughs. 

    Facilitate This! is produced by the Groupwork Centre on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We welcome your feedback via email:  

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  4. CRADLE Seminar Series Open Textbooks in Australia updated localised inclusive Pa

    Open textbooks are a recent innovation in free, digital texts that can be: • distributed at no cost; • printed at cost-price; • and modified for local needs, such as to correct gender, socio-cultural and indigenous under-representations and mis-representation in the curriculum.

    Open textbooks are a kind of Open Educational Resource (OER) and are designed to be shared with appropriate attribution of authors. A National Scoping study has recently been completed by Dr Sarah Lambert at Deakin University, funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE). The research investigated if open textbooks could be useful social justice initiatives in Australia, as they have been overseas.

    The staff and student data suggest that open textbooks and diverse open reading lists have potential in the Australian context for reducing inequalities of learning experiences and outcomes. While the international literature suggests cost savings to students have positive benefits for both students and institutions, the Australian findings suggest that open textbooks are also valuable to: • reduce the inequalities, workarounds and compromises of restrictive digital access to commercial texts that restrict access (time or number of chapters) • provide seamless integration of whole resources …

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  5. Cal Newport on a world without email - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    Does your inbox make you miserable? Is the constant barrage of back and forth emails stopping you from doing deeper, more focussed work you actually need to do? You are not alone. According to , on average, email interrupts knowledge workers work every six minutes. There is an alternative. Cal walks us through why our relationship with email is dysfunctional and how to break up with it. Cal’s book: A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in the Age of Overload Producer:

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  6. Buckle up, The Great Resignation is heading Australia’s way - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    Thinking of quitting your job? Join the club! The COVID pandemic has led to what’s being dubbed The Great Resignation in the US. And apparently this seismic shift in the workforce is about to hit our shores, especially in the tech industry. from global research and advisory firm Gartner shares industry trends and what organisations need to do to head it off at the pass. With stories from , Chicago-based content marketing manager; Cathy, Australian start up founder; and, community innovation director, Culture Amp Producer:

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  7. The plan to bury Mungo Man and Mungo Lady pains some traditional owners – and the man who found them | Australia news | The Guardian

    Their discovery proved millennia of continuous Indigenous existence. Now time is running out for those who want to stop them being buried again

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