Dec 2017 Awful Patreon Changes - RETHINK PATREON FFS! @Patreon

For anyone sufficiently pissed with Patreon they’d sooner fund elsewhere i have set up a Maker Support page (on advice from a few people on twitter, many thanks)

My Patreon is still available but, quite honestly, i could uinderstand people being very reticent to start supporting anyone new on patreon right now, whilst these changes are hanging over them

Or paypal payable to

For all of those who already support me on Patreon and are still standing by me and my material I can only thank you.

For now, my advice is to CONSOLIDATE YOUR PLEDGES. If you pledge x$ per video then increase that pledge to 4x$ per video BUT set the same amount of 4x$ per video as a monthly maximum. That will vastly reduce what you are paying in additional fees!

I’m afraid if you spread your pledges over many different people then a Patreon shafting is unavoidable, as things stand. It is as if they are forcing you to support one or two people only with bigger amounts!

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