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  1. Diecast #204: Left 4 Dead, Factorio Pricing, Minecraft and World Scale - Twenty Sided

    Your browser does not support the audio element.Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.

    Hosts: Paul, Shamus.

    Episode edited by Issac.

    Show notes:00:00 Left 4 Dead

    Here is the stream, in case you missed it.

    14:38 Factorio is $20, going up to $30 soon

    Here is the pricing announcement we discussed.

    20:35 Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and scale frustrations

    36:54 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I know the movie came out months ago, but I guess it’s polite to warn you that there will be massive spoilers here.

    Shamus Young is a programmer, an author, and nearly a composer. He works on this site full time. If you’d like to support him, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal.

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  2. Diecast #154: Mirrors Edge, Doom, Overwatch - Twenty Sided

    Fun story: We opened up the show with a cracking intro. It was one of those weeks where everyone had a joke ready and the whole thing was effortlessly fun.

    So naturally after five minutes my computer locked up and we lost the recording. What you hear in this show is us awkwardly trying to remember and recapture the jokes. This has happened before, and it’s always stilted and disappointing the second time around.

    Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.Direct link to this episode.

    Hosts: Josh, Shamus, Campster, Jarenth, Mumbles.

    Episode edited by Rachel.

    Show Notes:0:02:34: Mirrors Edgier

    0:19:45: Doom

    Chris did an Errant Signal on the Latest DOOM. It’s pretty good.

    Link (YouTube)0:30:06: Bloodborne

    0:30:57: Overwatch

    0:38:10: Mailbag

    Dear Mumbles

    With lots of nerd culture, like anime, comics and video games, you’ll get a lot of mainstream commercial stuff and occasionally something

    odd and artsy. Is there artsy wrestling, or is that just the theater? I’m imagining a wrestling match that looks like Limbo.

    Love, Christopher

    Here is the link Mumbled mentioned: Olde Wrestling.

    And I guess I’ve linked this before, but here it is again because I love it:

    Link (YouTube)0:42:18: Mailbag

    @shamusyoung Since modding isn’t something that you really cover on spoiler warning. What are some mods that you love or would like to see?

    — Ambitious Sloth (@_AmbitiousSloth) June 12, 2016

    0:44:15: Mailbag

    @shamusyoung My family doesn’t understand that there’s a difference between "working from home" and "being on vacation."

    — Edith (@micamoan) June 12, 2016

    @shamusyoung Shamus, any advice for getting them to understand that I have a schedule and I’m not free to just do whatever they want?

    — (((Edith))) (@micamoan) June 12, 2016

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  3. Diecast #140: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Massive Chalice, The Witness - Twenty Sided

    Yes, the topics for this week look a lot like the topics for last week, but I promise this is a new episode.

    We haven’t kept careful track of episode lengths, but I’m pretty sure that sometime in the last few weeks we reached the point where there is now a full week of Diecast.

    That is, it would take a full week of continuous listening to play through the whole show.

    Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.Direct link to this episode.

    Hosts: Josh, Rutskarn, Shamus, Campster.

    Episode edited by Rachel.

    00:00:55: Tomb Raider

    I start off announcing that we’re going to spoil everything, and then… I’m not sure if we do? Certainly nothing major.

    00:18:26: Tomb Raider (Spoilers)

    Once again I declare a live-fire exercise with regards to spoilers, and once again we don’t really reveal much.

    Part of the problem is that the game is very trope-driven and very little in the story should surprise you. And the things that do surprise you aren’t delightful surprises, but rather head scratchers like, “Really? That dude is here? I thought he exited the story hours ago. Oh well. That’s nice I guess.”

    00:25:24: Massive Chalice

    Link (YouTube)00:34:16: The Witness

    No spoilers here. I’m not even sure you can spoil this game. Spoiling it would require understanding what’s going on at some level, and I’m at no risk of that happening.

    00:52:48: Mailbag

    Dear Josh,

    Did you ever figure out to use PB Blaster for your plumbing problem? What have you been cooking recently? When will we hear more exploits from the Everyday Life of Josh Viel?

    My apologies to everyone else,


    00:53:56: Mailbag

    Dear Spoilers,

    Has doing Spoiler Warning changed the way you look at video games as a whole? If so, howz?



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  4. Diecast #125: Human Resource Machine, Left Handed Gaming, Citadel - Twenty Sided

    Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.Direct link to this episode.

    Hosts: Josh, Rutskarn, Shamus, Campster,


    Episode edited by Rachel.

    Show notes: 00:46 Human Resource Machine.

    Update: On the show I said I wanted to see how a non-coder would take to this game. I got it for Rachel last night, and she’s plowing through it. So it’s totally playable for people who have never coded before. Although now that I think of it, Rachel has done fairly extensive work with Minecraft command blocks, which probably gave her a good starting framework. Still, I think I can recommend this game unconditionally for both coders and non-coders. Which is pretty amazing.

    I’ll probably have a follow-up post on this at some point to ask what people thought of it.

    13:02 Left-handed people and video games.

    Fun trivia: The Diecast is 40% left-handers. (Mumbles and Chris.)

    25:46 Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC.

    Also we talk about Frank Miller for reasons that will only make sense in retrospect.

    50:32 Crimson peak

    The trailer:

    Link (YouTube)56:30 Until Dawn

    1:09:00 Mailtime

    Sigh. Someday.Enjoyed this post? Please share!

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  5. Diecast #112: Wii U, Marvel Movieverse, Mailbag

    Direct link to this episode.Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.

    Hosts: Shamus, Campster,

    Mumbles, Josh.

    Show notes:2:00 Rutskarn is not dead, but probably wishes he was.

    As of this post, Rutskarn is still the only man in southern California who is simultaneously not connected to the internet and not a member of a cult. Clearly the solution here is for him to start one.

    As far as I can tell, he sneaks into his neighbor’s basement once a week and leeches off their wi-fi. During his last excursion, he managed to send this:

    I was able to run a one-man Spoiler Warning of my very own at a recent sci-fi cowboy-themed LARP. Attached picture related.


    “Almost mute. Almost unkillable. Completely mad.”




    WARES 1

    I have no idea what any of that means, but I hope you find the information useful.

    4:00 The Shamus family got a Wii U

    15:00 The strange story of Marvel movie properties.

    Related article: Wolverine had to die for the sake of Marvel comics.

    26:00 MAILTIME! Weapon degradation.

    Dear Dieter Cast,

    When I’m out adventuring in the open world, my swords and armour keep degrading at an alarming rate. Is there a good reason behind this or is it like Dandelion and just to waste my time? Can you see a use for this in other situations and settings?

    Yours gruffly,

    Geralt of Rivia

    And then we spend all the time talking about inventory limits.

    35:00 Shamus announces: Mass Effect: The Really Long Essay Series.

    And that’s why Bastila is naked. Wait, what was the question again?

    43:00 Letting the player have kids in a game.

    Dear Diecast

    I was just mulling over a thought experiment and I wanted your take –

    If you were a designer on a game like Fallout or Skyrim, and a requirement was “Player must be able to aquire a house and adopt a child, that will stay in or near home” – how would you handle this?

    What sort of maintenance would the player need to do to maintain the child?

    Would you make it possible for the child to be attacked or abducted off-screen?

    Would you make some mechanism for the player to change the odds of this? What form would it take?

    In the greater narrative, what would you do with the child?


    50:00 Shamus is angry at NASA.

    Here is the article image that I’m whining about.

    If I can argue with myself here for a second:

    The problem with “artist renderings” of celestial bodies is that it’s not black-and-white, but a slippery slope. When we see super-sexy shots of galaxies that are comprised of big puffy colorful clouds, those have to be colorized. The original pictures are often comprised of infra-red data, or some other non-visible wavelength. So you have to “re-color” them if you want them to be visible. And so you have some freedom to make aesthetic decisions: “What colors should I use to represent this data?” And from there you can combine two different images – perhaps one is IR data and another is x-rays, and you color each spectrum and then combine them to make these gorgeous composites with lots of color. And you can do some kind of HDR effect to get a huge range of intensity values that will fit in a standard image. Every change makes the data more beautiful and easier to visualize, but also makes it a little less “real” in terms of “what space actually looks like”.

    There’s a gradient of fidelity with “here is the raw telescope output, good luck making sense of it” on one end, and “we think the planet has a lot of ice so we hired an artist to draw Hoth” on the other.

    So basically the podcast rant was just me being mad that I was waiting for my Pluto porn and NASA kept faking me out with concept album covers.

    55:00 Is the FPS dead?

    E3 is over and I have to ask, is the first person shooter dead?

    Did Spec Ops:The Line do the job and there’s just nothing left to say?

    Most of the titles getting press these days seem to be third-person open world games.

    When should we expect a backlash against those?

    Why isn’t Arkham Knight “just another dumb T’POW…same old mechanics (plus the obligatory gimmick) just shinier”?


    And then we immediately go off on a tangent about Arkham Knight. I don’t know why you people bother sending us questions. We’re terrible at this.Share this Post:

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  6. Diecast #105: Zero Escape, Life is Strange, The Witcher 3

    Note that this podcast and the previous one were recorded back-to-back. No, this isn’t a permanent music change. I just wanted to do something different since this is a special episode.

    Direct link to this episode.Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.

    Hosts: Shamus, Campster,

    Josh, Chris Franklin,

    Mumbles, and Mr. Errant Signal.

    Show notes:2:00 Zero Escape makes Zero Sense.

    Here is the mystery website Mumbles was talking about. I have no idea what to make of that.

    9:00 Life is Strange.

    Spoiler free discussion of episode 3. (Mild ep 1 spoilers.)

    14:00 Mumbles is playing Pillars of Eternity.

    And enjoying it!

    17:00 Josh is playing The Witcherator 3.

    To show the depth and scope of the game, Josh spoils a few sidequests.

    Despite the ribbing I gave Josh, I’m seriously thinking of getting this thing.

    43:00 Chris talks about Destiny.

    Specifically, the House of Wolves DLC.

    56:00 MAILTIME!

    Dear Diecast,

    How many horror games with an happy ending can you think of?



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  7. Diecast #95: Final Fantasy XIV, NOLF, Spore

    Direct link to this episode.Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.

    Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Chris, Rutskarn, Mumbles.

    Show notes:

    1:00 Mumbles is playing Famo Famifam XI4.

    Talking is hard. So are roman numerals. Everything is hard.

    7:00 Mumbles is also playing SLAMMED!

    Yes, a text-based game about wrestling. This is a real thing.

    11:00 Good Robot and Pyrodactyl

    If you’re new, then maybe you don’t know about Good Robot, which is a 2D shmup kinda thing I was working on last year. If all goes well, I might have more screenshots and details later in the week.

    16:00 No One Lives Forever / comedy games.

    NOLF is trapped in legal limbo. (Or would that be purgatory? I don’t know.)

    We discuss comedy games and using mechanics to tell a joke. Here is the installment of Every Frame a Painting I mentioned:

    Link (YouTube)30:00 Shamus finally got around to playing Spore, and he says…

    …the same thing everyone else said in 2008.

    44:00 Mailbag: The evolution of camera controls.

    Seems like a lot of early 3D games had trouble with camera controls. Why did it take so long for them to think of over the shoulder third person? Or am I missing something? Level design? Dynamic Transparency? Keeping the render budget down by fixing the camera to a spot? Or did I simply get unlucky and miss the early games that got it right?

    What about the ability to transition between first and third person like skyrim does? Is that just way harder than it looks?


    Wide and Nerdy

    50:00 Games too hard to learn?

    Dear Diecast Cast,

    So one of the top people at EA made a statement at the DICE conference that today’s games are too hard for new players to learn. I know that Shamus has had some insights in this direction himself, but some of the game’s he’s talking about (Battlefield) have a reputation for hand-holding and being simple exercises in following directions.

    Is this just another example of the separation between the “casual” and “hardcore” players, where the people deriding these games as too easy have forgotten what it’s like to pick up a modern shooter without understanding the gameplay conventions of the genre? On the other hand, it feels like the Battlefield series isn’t exactly targeted towards the new gamers who would be unfamiliar with those conventions, so could this be as simple as EA executives (still) being totally out of touch with their customer base? Or are there some other factors that I’m completely failing to account for.


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  8. Diecast #86: Telltale Games, Christmas DDos Attack, Edutainment Games - Twenty Sided

    And here is the last Diecast of 2014.

    Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.

    Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Jacob, and just normal Chris.

    1:30 Chris is Playing Tales from The Borderlands

    We also speculate about the upcoming Minecraft game from Telltale.

    10:00 Josh is watching Cowboy Bebop.

    14:00 Jacob has been playing Risk of Rain.

    20:00 Shamus got a new mouse.

    Here is the mouse in question:

    And this is the always-on-top download window.

    29:00 Lizard Squad stole Christmas.

    Spoiler: This is the subject of my column tomorrow, so I don’t want to add too much now.

    40:00 Josh will be doing a New Year’s Eve stream.

    I’ll have a post and links up when the time comes.

    41:00 MAILTIME!

    Dear diecast/spoiler warning crew,

    Have you ever considered doing riff tracks of movies or tv shows?


    And here is the full question that we trimmed down:

    Hi, I’m Daniel (JackTheStripper on your website) and I wanted to ask the Diecast what they think of the current state of educational games.

    I grew up playing games like Math Blaster Episode I: In Search of Spot, Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery, Where in The World (and Where in the USA) is Carmen San Diego, and even more classic games like Number Munchers. The fact that they were educational games never bothered me, and the challenge was there. I don’t think I ever beat any of those games on the harder difficulties.

    Anyway, games like those are practically non-existent today, and with lots of indie devs bringing games of their childhood back, how is nobody trying to bring back educational games?

    Hopefully there’ll be a Diecast in the coming days but I’ll understand if there isn’t with the holidays and all. Big fan of you guys though.

    Always ludonarratively dissonant,


    Here are the edutainment dino games Chris was talking about: Create-A-Saurus from 3-D Dinosaur Adventure and Save The Dinosaurs! From 3-D Dinosaur Adventure.

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  9. Diecast #82: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Far Cry 4 - Twenty Sided

    Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.Hosts: Rutskarn, Josh, Shamus, Chris and Mumbles.Show notes:1:00 Dragon Age: Inquisition!This is spoiler-free. Heck, most of us are still messing around in the first zone.23:00 Chris is playing Smash Brothers and Far Cry 4.32:00 MAILTIME!Dear Diecast.I was rewatching your Mass Effect-Spoiler Warning seasons recently, and one thing Shamus brought up during Mass Effect 1 was wanting to court-martial Ashley for killing Wrex, and throw her out of the party. My question is, do you think writers should try to make more of an effort to account for the fact that players might not like a companion character, and let players do things like throw a companion out of the party – especially when they do controversial things like in this example – instead of seemingly writing characters under the assumption that players will love them? Also, is there any game that you think handled unlikeable companion characters well?Stay awesome MacfeastAnd so we go right back to talking about the Dragon Age games.43:00 Surprise email, introduced mid-topic!Dear Diecast, Hi everyone! Did you know Ruts streamed the second half of the last Diecast (recorded 23/11/2014), and I got to listen to it live? For an actual question, How do you feel about twists in game design, and especially games that outright reveal the twist, but keep it hidden only through the protagonist denying it? All the best, keep diecasting, Merzendi.From here we go on to talk about the dangers of accidental livestreaming. This is a problem just waiting to make headlines.46:30 And now back to the planned list of mailbag questions…Die Dearcast,Is there a foreseeable way put of the “everything is a franchise” mindset in the more expensive echelons of game development? If so, or if not, where do you think it might come from?Yours, Ira.P.S.: Mr. Viel, what is a good entry point into the Shin Megami Tensei series? I’ve loved it from afar for a few years, but don’t know how or where to get involved.

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  10. Diecast #81: Ubisoft Sucks, Framerate, PAX - Twenty Sided

    Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Podcast RSS feed.Hosts: Rutskarn, Josh, Shamus, and Mumbles.Show notes: 1:00 Ubisoft Sucks!For context, that’s Numberwang! Also, here is some footage of Thief 2014 having the same (or similar) “Extras Intrude on cutscenes” problem we see in Assassins Creed Unity.22:00 MAILTIME!Dear Diecast,Do any of you find your opinion of a game partly affected by the kinds communities you see forming around the game and the kinds of people the game seems to attract? Do you think it’s fair to allow the kinds of communities the game inspires to affect your judgement on that game?My question can be applied to game series and franchises, and other types of media besides games.Swarthily, NotDog38:00Dear Diecast,How do you podcast with boxing gloves on?More seriously, several youtube commentators (TotalBiscut, Super Bunnyhop, etc.) have mentioned having a better experience when gaming at 60 or even 120 fps vs. a fixed 30 fps. Are you able to notice any kinesthetic difference between these standards? Does it even matter for the types of games that you play?-AnthonyHere is the SuperBunnyHop episode on this topic. Highly recommended:Link (YouTube)56:00 PAX sells out in nine minutes.So it looks like I won’t make it to PAX East again this year. Shame.

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