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  1. Diecast #211: More Mods, Thief vs. Thief 2 - Twenty Sided

    Dear Diecast,

    I’m currently playing through Thief 2 for the first time (I’m 20) it might just turn out to be one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. This came as a major shock to me because I played Thief: Gold about a year ago and borderline hated it. I think this is mostly down to level design. Thief Gold’s levels are gigantic, labyrinthine, an filled nonsensical copy pasted rooms. Not to mention a few them also seem to have and odd fixation on zombie killing as well. Thief 2 scales down the levels a bit, makes the maps more detailed, and makes each area memorable which leads to less aimless wondering. Also some levels seem to funnel players to the correct area somehow even thought there are several paths, but I’m not a level designer so I don’t know. My point is that while [they] are identical in many ways, the level design feels drastically different and it seems like people don’t talk about it very much. Perhaps its because people really just aren’t talking about thief all that much. I mean, I haven’t even used a guide for Thief 2, while I basically had to use one for every level on the first. Anyways, do you have a preference between the 2 games and have you noticed this difference?


    There is this level in the first game where you have to pretend you are a Hammerite student and you have to solve this puzzle by finding and flipping a bunch of tiny switches very quickly and I just lost it. Like seriously, how did anyone figuire that out without the interenet??

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