[Citation Needed] Podcast Episode 2

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  1. [Citation Needed] Podcast - Episode 07

    For Episode 7 of the [Citation Needed] Podcast, we examine President Eisenhower’s strong hatred of a particular pine tree, attend a support group for Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers and take an eventful cruise with some classic Hanna-Barbera characters.

    Plus, special guest Paul F. Tompkins drops in to pitch a movie about a thrilling and exciting chase for the truth! It does not go well…


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  2. [Citation Needed] Podcast - Episode 05

    In the fifth episode of the [Citation Needed] Podcast, we examine the Powers and Abilities of Godzilla, take a behind the scenes looks at the editorial turmoil of the magazine Dog Fancy and pitch a new Bruce Lee movie, The Dragon Lives Again. Plus, Paul Sabourin of Paul and Storm stops by to discuss how it feels to have one of your songs mistaken for a Frank Zappa song.


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  3. Citation Needed Podcast — Episode 1

    We have some exciting news: your favorite tumblr assemblage of crappy wikipedia prose is now a podcast! That’s right, the Citation Needed Podcast debuts today!

    Since we rarely offer up commentary on the entries we post here, (preferring that they stand alone like the fine works of art they are), this podcast will give us the chance to expand upon some of the more ridiculous ones. Skits, discussions, songs, treatises, rants - anything is possible.

    In episode 1, you’ll find a hapless screenwriter pitching a movie based on its wikipedia plot summary, a cat owner who would be a lot better off if he had read the entry about his cat, a profound literary discussion, and a peek behind the legal battle over by a certain fashion item sported by the Super Bowl champs, plus a special guest. All based on entries we’ve previously published here.

    Does this sound really nerdy? We admit that it does. But it also turned out really funny, and we hope you’ll download it and pass it along!


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  4. Travel: Why Matt’s Tired And How Tom Gets About So Much

    A rambling video about jetlag, shift work and herons, featuring another of Matt’s spectacular descriptions of geography (as seen on Citation Needed) MATT: http://YouTube.com/unnamedculprit – TOM: http://YouTube.com/TomScottGo

    @thecowshirt’s Citation Needed Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzoD3pQoAIQ
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  5. WIKIPEDIA: Obsessed Ep 219 with Josh Fruhlinger

    Writer, comedian, and defiant blogger, Josh Fruhlinger, shares his deep knowledge of Wikipedia! Editor Wars! Citations Needed! Jump on the information superhighway with us! Thanks as always to Molly Lewis for our music and Bryan Ward for our artwork!


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