An Event Apart Atlanta with Eric Meyer on Unmatched Style

Anyone building websites nowadays owes a great deal of thanks to Eric Meyer (@meyerweb), both for his contributions to web standards and CSS in general as well as to our community with the books and articles he’s written and the An Event Apart conferences. Along with Jeffrey Zeldman, which I spoke with last month about AEA coming back to Atlanta, I fired up skype and talked a bit about conferences and speaking at conferences with Eric Meyer. Talking with him about what he’s into right now, I got an emphatic “CSS3!”. We can definitely count on Eric to help us sort out the details within CSS3 as we all get deeper and deeper into it. As always he’s actively testing and writing about it for us all. I asked him for a tip on first time talk givers. “The audience is on your side” is what he shared with me, people have come out to hear you either entertain, educate or inspire them so all they want you to do is just that. So you don’t need to apologize, or freak about winning the audience over, they all want you to succeed. Remember that you’re speaking because you have something great to say or share, so bring it! That’s great advice for me personally and one i’ll take into account the next time I get up in front of a group. As with my last post on AEA Atlanta, the lineup looks amazing. Turns out this is a fairly unique lineup for an AEA event, so Atlanta you’re special!

  • Sarah Parmenter - @sazzy
  • Jason Santa Maria - @jasonsantamaria
  • Luke Wroblewski - @lukew
  • Andy Clarke - @Malarkey
  • Kristina Halvorson - @halvorson
  • Jeremy Keith - @adactio
  • Aarron Walter - @aarron
  • Jared Spool - @JMSPOOL
  • Ethan Marcotte - @BEEP
  • Jeffrey Veen - @veen
  • Eric Meyer - @meyerweb
  • Jeffrey Zeldman - @zeldman