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  1. Gender Reveal: Episode 81: Kai Cheng Thom


    Tuck speaks with author and community worker

    (she/her) in our longest episode ever. Topics include:

    The harm of problematic/pure and perpetrator/victim binaries The evolution of “femme” and “transsexual” The future of trans kids and class solidarity Losing faith, but not hope, in community justice Plus: Spicy trans memoir takes, Kai Cheng’s secret Goop life, and being the only masters-credentialed trans woman therapist in Canada

    This Week in Gender: A federal judge

    in Ohio; Argentina now has a

    for trans people in the public sector; and Joe Biden transes his transition team.   Authors referenced: , , , , ,

    (Nevada) Buy Kai Cheng’s books:



    (essays) and

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  2. Drum Circle Jerk: 83 - White Boy Summer feat. @olivesagan

    This week we invite Mike (@olivesagan) to the circle jerk. We discuss dreaming of cancellations, bald people discourse, White Boy Summer, "Rush Hour" as praxis, Evergreen bimbofication, dad bods, and are people on the right happier? We end with a depressing discussion of Ontario’s COVID mess. An extra 45 minute of this episode will be on our Patreon! Donate and access to the episodes and more bonus content right here:

    Follow Mike’s podcast at @FromBeyondPod


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  3. OFTV Presents - Librada and Cubanecuir

    This month OFTV presents a special interview with archivist Librada González Fernández of the Cubanecuir archive! Librada is a young trans woman based in NYC and Miami who is pulling together the stories and ephemera of queer and trans Cubans, both on the island and in the diaspora! She joins OFTV to talk Cuban queer history, the ethics of archival work, being a trans person working in history.

    You can follow the archive @cubanecuir on Instagram and Twitter!

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/onefromthevaultspodcast/oftv-presents-librada-and-cubanecuir
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  4. E72: The Death and Food Episode – Toasted Sister Podcast

    (Lino cut print by Andi Murphy. Available for purchase here.) This is the death and food episode where I talk with Indigenous death doula, Chrystal Waban, about her work with Blackbird Medicines and the Indigenous Death Doula Collective and how food is connected to this very important journey for those who are dying, for those…


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  5. Gender Reveal: Episode 91: Torrey Peters

    Tuck speaks with

    (she/her), author of . Topics include: 

    A brief history of t4t tattoos The secrets of real-life trans supervillains Why Torrey’s moving past trans separatism  Four generations of trans history buried in a twitter beef Plus: FTF transsexuals, disaster euphoria, writing better jokes, and why Torrey might be done writing about affairs with wealthy men

    This Week in Gender:

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