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    this episode was originally broadcast April 1st 2019 on 104.9 KHUH LP-FM Hollow Earth Radio Seattle we are back in the booth baby! on this fortnightly episode we talked to Real Queer America author Samantha Allen and her wife Corey Burke. We talk about how they met, their ideal queer utopias, the process of writing the book & so so much more.  find Samantha Allen @SLAwrites on Twitter find Corey @CoreyLizette on instagram  Val’s insta @teenbeat_84 Clara’s insta @realcrissangel find us on Facebook @Hot Takes With Hot Dykez  find us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/HTWHD


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  2. Uh Oh! | Do By Friday

    This week’s challenge: take a walk.


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  3. 5by5 | Back to Work #419: The Elephant in the Sword

    Some observations and reckons about Apple’s big Services event.


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  4. Episode 1: Education - TransForming Rounds (podcast) | Listen Notes

    01:09:49 - Click for show notes, including links to resources, research and references:



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  5. Who Shot Ya? Episode 70: ‘Roma’ and Casting Your Own Biopics with Cristela Alonzo | Maximum Fun


    Who Shot Ya?


    Cristela Alonzo


    It’s the first ‘Who Shot Ya?’ of the year! And even though this episode was recorded in 2018, it’s still fresh as can be. The gang is graced by the presence of the wonderful Cristela Alonzo to talk about Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma. So we have an Alonzo, with Alonso, talking about Alfonso. Cristela discusses her childhood and how she deeply related to the film. Drea may or may not have found a giant bag of money in the new year. The crew casts their own biopics. And as always, staff picks.

    Weekly Movie Recommendations:

    Ricky - Batman Returns

    Alonso - Touch of Evil

    Drea - All About Nina

    Cristela - The Muppets Take Manhattan

    With Cristela Alonzo, Drea Clark, Alonso Duralde, and Ricky Carmona.

    You can let us know what you think of Who Shot Ya? at @WhoShotYaPod on Twitter. Or email us at


    Call us on the "Who Shotline" - WSY-803-1664

    Produced by Casey O’Brien and Laura Swisher for MaximumFun.org.


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  6. Proven Winners - the Brand | Green Industry Leaders Network

    On this episode we discuss the Proven winners plant brand,

    to help shed some light on their plants, operations and what it takes to provide their plants to homeowners and landscapers throughout North America.


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  7. The Wokest Pilot with Edgar Momplaisir, episode #94 of Earwolf Presents on Earwolf

    Welcome to The Wokest hosted by the wokest person ever Edgar Momplaisir. The Wokest is a satirical space for everyone to share their voice, offer their opinion, and to be seen.


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  8. 2: Frida Kahlo

    In this episode we are going into the life, love, and tragedy of Frida Kahlo. She is maybe the most original artist of the 20th century and her self portraits are incredibly compelling but tender.

    You can view the blog post, with all the images discussed in this episode, at https://fireinmybellypodcast.wordpress.com/2017/10/13/episode-2-frida-kahlo/

    Intro/outro is by Qualiaa on soundcloud

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/fireinmybellypodcast/episode-2-frida-kahlo
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  9. Ep. #401: Dave Shumka | Kreative Kontrol

    Comedian Dave Shumka discusses his podcasts, the true crime parody, This Sounds Serious, and the conversational, Stop Podcasting Yourself, from his home in Vancouver! Supported by Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, Planet Bean Coffee, Grandad’s Donuts, Humber College’s online Music Composition course, Hello Fresh, and Planet of Sound.

    Liked it? Take a second to support vish on Patreon!


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  10. Russian Stink Eye, Daniel’s Starbucks Wife, Jordan’s Noseplay | Alison Rosen

    Daniel is convinced he’s going to be murdered by the Russian mob and it’s not for the reasons you might think. Jordan Morris is here and he’s brought the director of Bubble, Eric Martin, who himself if an accomplished voiceover, audiobook and podcast guy who has a hot tip regarding a neti pot. Alison is cool with Daniel’s special Starbucks wife. Also, Alison has some embryos inside her right now, just hanging out and deciding which way they want this whole thing to go. Plus Jordan’s new addiction, a round of Just Me Or Everyone AND MORE. Check us out on Patreon: Download the episode from iTunes. Buy Alison’s Book: Tropical Attire Encouraged (and Other Phrases That Scare Me) You probably need to buy a new ARIYNBF Legacy Shirt! and the HGFY ringtone! Try Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial This show is brought to you by Teamiblends.com (use code ROSEN), Modcloth.com (enter code ALISON) and Whistle.com (use code BESTFRIEND). Try Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial


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