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  1. Law & Hoarder, episode #22 of Urgent Care with Joel Kim Booster and Mitra Jouhari on Earwolf

    This week Joel and Mitra give listeners advice on topics ranging from looking past your friend group’s embarrassing taste in pop culture, digitally decluttering, spiders on your door, and more.


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  2. DISEASE SLEUTH Podcast Ep.1

    This was made entirely on garage band and recorded with the microphone attached to iPhone headphones. Fuck you!!!

    special thanks to Amy Zimmer, 
Greta Titelman, 
Whitmer Thomas
, Tim Robinson, Penny, 
Lorelei Ramirez
, Chelsea Peretti
, Jak Knight
, Mitra Jouhari
, Zack Fox
, Jo Firestone
, Ana Fabrega
, Spike Einbinder, 
Catherine Cohen
, and
 Quinta Brunson for being a part of it!

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/user-937304477/disease-sleuth-podcast-ep1
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  3. Ep. 39 - The Alliterative Purple Pitcher Plant (Carnivorous Series #1) — The Field Guides

    Carnivorous plants are the renegades of the plant world. About 800 known

    species have gone from primary producers to immobile predators. In this

    episode, Steve goes on and on and on about everything you want to know

    about carnivorous plants (and a few things you don’t want to know). You’ll

    learn what it means to be a carnivorous plant, what it means to be a

    pitcher plant, and a few interesting things about the Purple Pitcher Plant,

    Sarracenia purpurea. Enjoy!


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  4. Different For Girls - 03/24/2020

    Oi govna! We got a right ol’ episode for… uhhmm.. ye knickas… bobby…

    Nailed it

    Come hang out as we talk about the current state of gaymers and the 1996 cult film Different for Girls

    Rhi tries to sell Amy’s bath water Madeline is gay for Borderlands

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/tranifesto/different-for-girls-03242020
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  5. California Botanic Garden

    California native plants are the perfect choice for home gardeners in California! They can be exquisitely beautiful, are often quintessentially water-wise, support a vibrant web of life and speak to an aesthetic unique to California.In today’s episode, we’re going to learn some foolproof native plants to consider in your home garden or landscape. In conversation with Peter Evans, Director of Horticulture at California Botanic Garden, we’ll discuss some hardy species and cultivars to consider that can handle brown thumbs while looking absolutely beautiful. We’ll also ask members of our Horticulture team about what plants they’ve found to be fairly indestructible and garden-friendly in their experience cultivating California natives.Whether you’re contemplating adding your first California native plant to your garden or have already converted your entire yard, we hope these insights and ideas provide you with some inspiration to get planting! So much so that we hope you’ll browse our Grow Native Nursery’s new ecommerce website and purchase some fabulous native plants. During these challenging times, as our society and community grapple with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re glad to provide access to our native plant inventory for pickup orders. Please visit for california-botanic-garden.myshopify.com for information about placing an order and to make your online purchase! Support the show‍


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  6. California Botanic Garden

    On our very first episode, we are taking flight, well nearly with Lo & Behold. That’s his full name, but we tend to call him Lo, or little owl. Lo is a ridiculously cute great horned owlet who has quite an owldessy. He has fallen out of his nest not once, but twice, and to keep things light in these very challenging times, I’m going to fastforward and say he is safe now and cuddled up with mom in a Cadillac of owl’s nests. Thanks to the amazing work and intervention of my colleagues at California Botanic Garden, Lo has been routinely rescued and expertly placed back in increasingly fool-proof nests.You might be wondering why our California native plant podcast is branching out today on the topic of owls; our native plants provide excellent habitat for birds of prey and excellent habitat for the rodents that they eat. So today we’ll be talking with Lisa Pritchard and Ming Posa, our resident owl rescuers and California Botanic Garden staff members who have been secondary parents to little Lo. They check on him everyday and Mom seems to appreciate their incredible help. We’ll also talk to Tina Stoner, President of the Pomona Valley Audubon Society on local birds of prey and ways to appreciate and help them in our community.  Finally, we’ll meet up with Bob Everett, CEO of Wild Wings of California and discuss bird rehabilitation.Make a landing at Pomona Valley Audubon Society’s site at www.pomonavalleyaudubon.org!Fly over to Wild Wings of California’s site at www.wildwings.org.RATS, or Raptors are the Solution (www.raptorsarethesolution.org), is a great resource for learning the measures you can take to safeguard birds of prey in your community. No more rodenticide! Support the show‍


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  7. Ep 23: WICKED SOLAR: How Alternative Energy Threatens Already Endangered Wildlife

    An estimated 690-megawatt solar power generating facility is about to be built on roughly 7,100 acres of public land. Located within the Mojave Desert, around 33 miles northeast of Las Vegas and directly south of the Moapa River Indian Reservation. What could be wrong about that? Afterall, solar …


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  8. The Toothless Husband | Do By Friday

    This week’s challenge: watch Tiger King.



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  9. Listen to the Creature Feature Episode - Adaptation Station on iHeartRadio | iHeartRadio

    Stream the Creature Feature episode, Adaptation Station, free & on demand on iHeartRadio.


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  10. right here

    The show features the eponymous Haruhi Suzumiya, a wacky schoolgirl who is obsessed with the supernatural.


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