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  1. Episode 026 — Old Stock Ale and Task Management — Nerds on Draft

    This week Gabe and Jeff tackle the nerd Mount Everest that is task management.

    In some Twitter circles, you can't throw a Field Notes book without hitting someone talking about what they did to become productive.

    The journey into the depths of productivity porn was eased somewhat but the excellent Old Stock Ale by North Coast Brewing.

    Unlike the last time Jeff and Gabe talked about task management, the word "OmniFocus" has been replaced with the word "Taskpaper" and a lot of the approach to how they manage their busy lives has undergone significant change.

    GTD (Getting Things Done) still plays a huge role in the conversation so much of what they discuss applies if you're using a different tool to wrangle the day-to-day or using a plain text format like they do.

    Old Stock Ale by North Coast Brewing

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    FilterLines for Sublime

    Editorial for iOS

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    Post about Jeff's Today "perspective" for Taskpaper

    gist of Python code for generating Jeff's tpToday.taskpaper file


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