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  1. WNYC’s Leonard Lopate: Please Explain - How We Read

    If it comes to you easily, being able to read is easy to take for granted. But reading is an extraordinarily complex process, one that researchers are still working to understand fully. On today's Please Explain we look at the science of reading. Dr. Sally E. Shaywitz and Dr. Bennett A. Shaywitz are professors in Learning Development at the Yale University School of Medicine and Co-Directors of the Yale Center for Learning.

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  2. Are We Alone - What Were You Thinking?

    Say what you mean. That's difficult, if you don't know what you're thinking. But the neuromarketers do, and they'll be happy to tell Madison Avenue what's on your mind. Discover why this marketing strategy is wired for success.

    Also, Steven Pinker on how language reveals private thoughts as well as why the big-brained Homo neanderthalensis couldn't out-compete Homo sapiens. And, we tease your gray matter with the "Monty Hall Problem."

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  3. Executive Producer Tim Gibbons can’t curb his enthusiasm for branded entertainment

    Tim Gibbons, Executive Producer of HBO's hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm, joins The Brand Show to talk about how he has seen the entertainment industry transform over the last three decades. The self proclaimed "early adopter" shares how he uses technology to build the Curb Your Enthusiasm brand and what he thinks HBO could do to expand the show's online presence. Tim offers his advice and shares his predictions for the future of brands and television.

    Tim also explores:

    * How technology is reinventing the entertainment industry.
    * Why he wants Larry David to start Twittering.
    * What brands can do to benefit from branded entertainment.

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  4. Design for the Wisdom of Crowds

    People are often dumb, so how can crowds be wise? James Surowiecki laid the groundwork in his book, "The Wisdom of Crowds." In this solo presentation, Derek Powazek will apply those ideas to the web, concentrating on how to design websites that empower people to work together to create something truly awesome.

    Derek Powazek Grand Poo-Bah, Powazek Productions

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