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  1. The end of the affair: how Britain walked away from the EU - podcast | News | The Guardian

    Anushka Asthana talks to Brussels correspondents past and present about how membership has changed Britain. Plus: Dan Sabbagh on Britain’s decision on Huawei’s role in British infrastructure


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  2. Has Brexit saved the Lib Dems? | News | The Guardian

    The Lib Dems have made an extraordinary comeback in 2019 because of their anti-Brexit stance. Toby Helm discusses whether they are here to stay. And: Oliver Wainwright on the inclusion of social housing in this year’s Stirling prize


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  3. Change UK: how not to set up a political party – podcast | Politics | The Guardian

    With six of its 11 MPs having quit, Heather Stewart, charts what went wrong. Plus Damian Carrington on plant extinctions


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  4. The reality of reality TV - podcast | Television & radio | The Guardian

    Following the death of Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis, Jonny Mitchell, a friend and former contestant, and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, a former producer of US show The Bachelor, discuss their experiences of reality television. Plus Gaby Hinsliff on the stubborn obduracy of Theresa May


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  5. How Brexit unravelled | News | The Guardian

    In a disastrous week for Theresa May’s Brexit agreement, her former director of strategy, Chris Wilkins, and the Guardian’s Daniel Boffey chart where it all went wrong. Plus: Polly Toynbee on what Labour should do next


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  6. Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit, and Brexit news.

    Listen to Episode 494 of Slate’s The Gist: Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab  Slate Plus members: Get your ad-free podcas …


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