Episode 12 - JavaScript for Backend Developers

JavaScript is a critical part of modern WordPress, but some backend developers may struggle with “learning JavaScript deeply.”

Ross Wintle and Ahmed Hussein discuss their own journeys, and how they’ve come to enjoy modern JavaScript development. 

WP Engine and Delicious Brains

Delicious Brains announcement

WP Engine announcement

WP Engine questions and answers

Press This podcast interview with Brad Touesnard and Jason Cohen

WP Migrate

WP Migrate

WP Migrate 2.3 Released

JavaScript resources

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) JavaScript reference


JSDoc - TypeScript annotations in comments

Type-safe JavaScript with JSDoc

WesBos JS30

WesBos ES6 Course

Just JavaScript

You Don't Know JS


Syntax Podcast

JavaScript Geolocation API (MDN)

JavaScript Modules


Promises (MDN)

Async/await (MDN)

JavaScript Web Speech/Speech-to-Text API (MDN)

node.js Getting started guide

Go Make Things/Chris Ferdinandi

Vue vs React: Which is the Best JavaScript Framework?

A Guide to JavaScript for WordPress

Demystifying JavaScript Variable Scope and Hoisting

Delicious Brainwaves, Episode 8 - A Brief History of JavaScript

Other links

Google TechTalk by Dimitri Gaskin, 12 years old!

Ross's WordPress-themed Wordle Clone

JavaScript Reaches the Final Frontier: Space

Podcast hosts

Ahmed Hussein

Ross Wintle