Adoption UK webinar with Helen Oakwater - Future proofing your adoptive family

Helen Oakwater is an adoptive parent, coach, trainer, speaker and author who adopted a sibling group in the early 90s. She has held various roles in the adoption field including membership of Government Task Force, two LA adoption panels, Adoption UK Local Coordinator and Trustee.

She is a Coach, NLP Trainer, IEMT Practitioner, and mBIT Master Coach and has published two books: Bubble Wrapped Children: How social media is transforming the face of 21st century adoption (in 2012), and Want to Adopt: How to prepare yourself to parent a child from the care system (in 2019).

She can be found on Twitter, YouTube and at where there are free resources, articles, conference presentations and online trainings.

Helen's webinar, held on 1st June, linked a number of concepts to enable you to see what may be over the horizon. Comprehend what is happening inside your child, below their presenting behaviour, illustrating the reasons you may need to rethink your approach and actions.

Whether you are an experienced adopter or just thinking about adoption, there is useful information, models, tools and practical strategies for you and your children including: • trauma overview • strategies for thinking long term and dot joining • how you can change your responses and why that’s so important • l…

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