US election 2020: will Donald Trump accept the result? | US news | The Guardian

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    All eyes are on Ocasio-Cortez, but what does her brand of politics actually mean for the Democrats as they head into the presidential elections next year? The Guardian’s Lauren Gambino reports from Washington. And Rupert Jones discusses the dangers of the rising number of windowless microflats

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  2. Rep. Matt Gaetz Says Republicans Won’t Drop Hunter Biden Investigation

    The debate is heated almost from the start as the House sets up a vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

    Democrats and a few Republicans say Trump must be removed immediately after he egged on a violent mob of supporters a week ago who then stormed the Capitol. The insurrection happened as some of Trump’s GOP allies were challenging his election defeat, echoing the president’s false claims that there was widespread fraud in his loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

    Most Republicans are saying impeachment is divisive. They’re not mentioning the president.

    Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio is one of Trump’s most vocal defenders. Jordan blames Democrats for objecting to previous election results and he’s repeating baseless claims that the 2020 election was rigged.

    But Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts says Democrats haven’t pushed conspiracy theories that a president won in a landslide when he actually lost — which is what happened to Trump.

    McGovern is looking back at the deadly Capitol siege and saying “people died because of the big lies that were being told.” And he says that’s enough to merit impeachment.

    The House is set to vote Wednesday afternoon on impeaching Trump, accusing him of rallying a violent mob of supporters to attack the Capitol last week.

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  3. How damaging is John Bolton’s scathing account of Donald Trump’s presidency? - podcast | News | The Guardian

    The publication of John Bolton’s White House memoir has caused a sensation. Jonathan Freedland assesses the lurid claims of cosying up to authoritarian leaders as well as descriptions of ‘stunning’ ignorance

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  4. US midterms: all about Trump? – podcast | News | The Guardian

    Gary Younge visits Racine, Wisconsin, one of the bellwether races in the US midterms. In recent history the city has been a reliable predictor of which way the country will swing. But how much will the Trump factor influence the result? Plus: Gaby Hinsliff on why people hate vegans

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  5. What are Democrats doing even?

    Republicans control the White House, Congress and most state legislatures. Pod Save America’s Dan Pfeiffer explains how Democrats can dig themselves out of this hole.

    CORRECTION: In this episode, we incorrectly state that the majority of white millennials voted for Donald Trump. Trump won the youngest white demographic (ages 18-29), but he won a plurality (47%) not a majority.

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  6. Live Coverage of the Joe Biden Presidential Inauguration w/ Waleed Shahid & Alex Pareene - MR Live

    On today’s show: Joe Biden gets sworn in, gives speech.

    Waleed Shahid (@_waleedshahi) of Justice Democrats joins us to discuss what progressives can expect in the first 100 days of the Biden administration. $15 minimum wage victory. Why Biden might end up to the left of Obama. What should Biden & co focus on and how should they deal with the GOP? The chances for progressive influence in a Biden WH.

    On the fun half: Mike Lindell and right wing host explain how Trump might remain in office past Wednesday, but either way the Biden inauguration is “null and void.” Telegram QAnon channels reckon with end of Trump presidency and Biden inauguration. Don Jr and Eric Trump crying during their father’s farewell speech. In parting speech, Trump tells supporters he left it “all on the field.” CNN pollster feeling his oats on Biden inauguration a bit too much. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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