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  1. Episode 1 - Failure in a Box

    Hey look, it’s the inaugural episode of Unconsoleable!Learn more about your co-hosts, Anna and Jessica, our decidedly unimpressive gaming histories, why the heck we are doing this podcast, and why we game the way we do.Stuff we talked about:App.net¬†IsometricBrianna WuRevolution 60Evan Passero, designer extraordinaire¬†Totally UncoolSpawn on MeCivilizationArticle on kids not being able to pass Level 1 on Super Mario Brothers - Hmm, this doesn’t look like a link. Turns out, this story was a hoax and all the sites that wrote about it have taken it down. That being the case, it’s still quite possible we suck at games more than little kids!Whac a Mole - Duh, of course there is an iOS game.Thomas Was Alone


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