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  1. Why People Cheat In Games, According To The People Who Stop Them

    The folks behind EasyAntiCheat, a service that stops people from cheating in video games, deal with one of the messiest issues in the medium. People often feel that anyone caught breaking the rules should be punished severely, but you don’t always know why someone cheated. That’s where things get dicey.


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  2. Disruption #50: The Nintendo Ministry of Truth - Relay FM

    It’s our 50th episode, just in time for ISPs to start selling our secrets, which has Steve photoshopping Hearthstone wins, Bri scrubbing Switch searches from her Amazon account, Mikah putting faith in snow ninjas, and Georgia literally hiding in a closet.


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  3. Game Show | Game Night: Light Lamp (Episode 21)

    What if you cross a party game with an old-school text adventure? You get Action Castle, the game that turns a human being into an old-style command line prompt and a bunch of people into a single bumbling adventurer. Go west! Get fish! Inventory!

    Game Night

    September 22, 2015

    45 minutes

    Tony Sindelar

    with Steve Lutz, Glenn Fleishman, Erika Ensign, Chip Sudderth, Jason Snell and Dan Moren


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