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  1. Afoot | Veronica Mars: Season 1 (Episode 6)

    Veronica Mars is the greatest detective series that many people watched, but clearly not enough! A determined, hard-nosed teenager, Veronica had absolutely no concern about invading the privacy of others in her pursuit of solving a case her father is working on, troubles her classmates brought to her, or getting to the bottom of the season’s overall arc—the murder of her best friend. It’s time to revisit the first season of the show 12 years after it debuted, and a bunch of great fans of the show and one newcomer, the host, talk episodes, characters, themes, and comparisons to other programs. We start off without disclosing anything, then blow the spoiler horn at 13 minutes, 20 seconds into the episode.


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  2. TeeVee | The Expanse S1E1 review: “Dulcinea” (Episode 124)

    We discuss the first episode of “The Expanse,” which has premiered online and arrives on Syfy Dec. 14. In the first section of the show we discuss the first episode and some of our expectations as readers of the books on which the show is based, but we hold off on spoilers for the rest of the series until after firing the Spoiler Horn.


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