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  1. Three Moves Ahead > Episodes > Amplitude Studios and the Endless Series


    7, 2016 This week Rob and Fraser welcome special guest Jeff Spock, Narrative Director at Amplitude Studios. The Endless Series has garnered a large amount of praise with its impressive debut in Endless Space, the unique gameplay in Dungeons of the Endless, and the master class of 4X gaming in Endless Legend. Jeff goes over the challenges of writing for 4X and strategy games and how the universe has changed from Endless Space to Endless Legend. Endless Legend has changed quite a bit since launch and Jeff explains how the series has evolved and where it might go in Endless Space 2. This topic was chosen in a poll by our Patreon backers.

    Endless Space, Dungeons of the Endless, Endless Legend, Endless Space 2

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  2. Idle Thumbs > Shows > Three Moves Ahead


    1, 2016

    Certain sins are unforgivable. Poor interface, an over-abundance of tooltips, and apparently ship designers. Let’s get one thing straight: I - Michael, who writes these notes every week - like ship designers. I liked Gratuitous Space Battles, I like them GalCiv, I like them any way I can get them. So while I’ve never been on the show to defend my case on this particular topic, I’m writing the notes. Do I get to editorialize? Sure I do. Who’s going to stop me? Troy? Ship designers are always a delight. If you don’t like them, then this week you can listen to Rob, T.J. Hafer, and Rowan Kaiser go through their lists of strategy game pet peeves.

    Gratuitous Tank Battles, Stellaris, Crusader Kings 2, Total Annihilation, and many more


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  3. Idle Thumbs > Shows > Idle Thumbs > Episodes > “Console Wars and Hedge Dog” or “The New Far Cry 2”


    3, 2015 Get carried away on our balloon of delight as we dive into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a game that stirs up memories of something we loved dearly, long ago. Then, we’ll let you in on the "Sad Space Dads" craze that has taken the gaming world by storm. If that isn’t enough, stick with us for the time Chris and Nick chatted with Jeff Goldblum about Thomas Pynchon novels.

    Games Discussed: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Far Cry 2, Corpse of Discovery, Stasis, Super Mario Maker, Lara Croft: Go, Fallout Shelter, Sonic - The Hedge Dog

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  4. Episode 1 - Failure in a Box

    Hey look, it’s the inaugural episode of Unconsoleable!Learn more about your co-hosts, Anna and Jessica, our decidedly unimpressive gaming histories, why the heck we are doing this podcast, and why we game the way we do.Stuff we talked about:App.net¬†IsometricBrianna WuRevolution 60Evan Passero, designer extraordinaire¬†Totally UncoolSpawn on MeCivilizationArticle on kids not being able to pass Level 1 on Super Mario Brothers - Hmm, this doesn’t look like a link. Turns out, this story was a hoax and all the sites that wrote about it have taken it down. That being the case, it’s still quite possible we suck at games more than little kids!Whac a Mole - Duh, of course there is an iOS game.Thomas Was Alone


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