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    1, 2016

    Certain sins are unforgivable. Poor interface, an over-abundance of tooltips, and apparently ship designers. Let’s get one thing straight: I - Michael, who writes these notes every week - like ship designers. I liked Gratuitous Space Battles, I like them GalCiv, I like them any way I can get them. So while I’ve never been on the show to defend my case on this particular topic, I’m writing the notes. Do I get to editorialize? Sure I do. Who’s going to stop me? Troy? Ship designers are always a delight. If you don’t like them, then this week you can listen to Rob, T.J. Hafer, and Rowan Kaiser go through their lists of strategy game pet peeves.

    Gratuitous Tank Battles, Stellaris, Crusader Kings 2, Total Annihilation, and many more


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