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  1. Good Morning EDZ

    If you’ve gotten tired of Steven and merritt talking about Destiny on Fanwidth, you’re in luck! We’ve got a whole Destiny podcast now.


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  2. right here

    Welcome to the first ever Fanwidth spoilercast, featuring Control by Remedy Entertainment! It’s time to talk about how hot Dr. Darling is.


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  3. Espresso and Whisky: The Place of Time in Food - Gastropod

    Espresso, chocolate, wasabi—this episode we explore the role of time in food and flavor, and visit a whisky time machine at Lost Spirits distillery in Los Angeles.


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  4. The Government’s Bar Tab at Mar-a-Lago | Trump, Inc. | WNYC Studios

    Spending taxpayer money at Mar-a-Lago is a such a "headache," the State Department got a special credit card for visits to the president’s private club.


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  5. August and Everything After: An Actual Discussion on Ethics and Gamers

    Episode 99: August and Everything After: An Actual Discussion on Ethics and Gamers (Right click and save as to download, or hit us up on iTunes or Stitcher)

    This week, Alex, Alisha, and Sam talked GamerGate, the continuing, shifting mass that continues to dominate so much of the discussion of culture around gaming trends and communities.

    It went exactly as you’d expect.


    Destiny news; Mortal Kombat news

    The cheesecake of diversity (thanks, @maxxiebytes)

    This video “argument” full of “facts” from Sargon of Akkad on academic gamers

    Obviously, our fresh new Patreon

    Books mentioned:

    This is Not a Sky, Jessica Piazza, Oh My Darling, Cate O’Toole, Patient, Bettina Judd (all Black Lawrence Press)

    ZZT, Anna Anthropy

    Earthbound, Ken Baumann

    Essays on Algorithmic Culture, Alexander R. Galloway

    Glitched, Christa Charter

    What We Played



    The Longest Journey

    White Night





    Child of Light

    Rayman Legends

    Don’t Starve Together



    Pokémon X 


    Next episode is EPISODE 100. Get hyped!


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  6. Structure

    On this week’s Structure Show we hash out why Microsoft, a software company needs to weigh in on server design and Mailchimp’s data scientist on why we should watch what DisneyWorld is doing with your data.


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